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Hello Gorgeous, this gift is for you! Take this fast, fun and free assessment to discover which of eight specific keys you need to nourish your Soulfire for more energy, beauty, and magic every day. May you find as much pleasure in taking this as I’ve had while creating it!

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I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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  • Thanks, Christy! Unlike most years, the summer has been way too busy and hassled, especially August. I’m recovering from fatigue and muscle pain from a thyroid imbalance that’s probably been aggravated by a too-old mattress, which we just discovered when my husband developed back pain. At the same time, I’ve been managing major home improvement projects, dealing with contractors, delays, uncertainty, and all the rest, while shopping for a rather specific used car to replace mine before the transmission dies (and now a new mattress as well—-aaaahhhh!). So unlike most years, I’m looking forward to a mellower, more restful September and October, before my creative season begins in November.

    • Dearest Anne, I am giving you a GIANT BEAR HUG right now! May your very capable hands (and heart) find strength and support rising to meet you as you tend “all the things.” I am always grateful to witness your journey and trust you will feel a measure of the love I send your way.


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