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Top 5 Alchemical Writers To Inspire Your Life

Come-Alive-300x222You know I’m all about alchemical change, and that this requires a willingness to dive deep and transform.

It is my passion and pleasure to bring you resources to make this easier in your life.  Here are some courageous powerhouse writers with gifts of inspiration to spur you into action as you create a life you love.

Michelle Alva

First up is the luminous Michelle Alva, who is giving a Ted-X talk in Miami tomorrow (SQUEE! I can’t wait to see it!):

“I was scared of not being loved for who I am, and now after many years of deep self-soul work, becoming intimately aware of how my heart, gut and soul feel, my perception and my life has changed 360 degrees.  In every cell of my being I know that we are love, we are so loved because we were thought into form by our Creator! This knowing brings me peace and the joy and tickle in my heart can no longer be ignored…Try these easy exercises throughout your day and life, and notice how much easier it becomes to live a life full of passion, enthusiasm, joy and desire! We feel much more energized when we live by what is truly aligned with our soul and heart.”

Read more now on  3 Ways To Quickly Connect To Our Heart and Soul.

Sandra Gardner

Next is Sandra Gardner, who inspires me consistently, to the point that I keep her quotes on my fridge.

A dose of her magic from Tall Red Poppy will do you good:

“What really scares you?  If you really dig for it, the answer might surprise you.  You might think you’re scared of doing something like, say, public speaking. But what really, really scares you, deep down, is something like being alone.  
Submerging…is about going deep. And I really believe that if you want to find the truth, sometimes you have to start by going down.

When you dig deep, you discover that what feels scary isn’t really what you thought it was, and that you can do the thing you’re afraid of by adjusting your perspective a bit.”  

Check out her full post and offerings on digging for the truth and transforming the things that scare you.

Stephanie Burg

Now onto Stephanie Burg, a Goddess in teaching us how to feel comfortable in our own skin with how to love the body you call home.  She totally gets the struggle from the inside out, and speaks to journey into feeling confident, happy and proud within our bodies.

“We like the idea of loving ourselves, but don’t feel like we actually do.

The idea of it confuses us. In fact, our body confuses and frustrates us.  

Here’s the deal…I was just like that. FOR YEARS.  

I thought I could just figure things out on my own or starve my body into submission…THEN I’d be happy.”

Sound familiar?

Then you’ll want to read her ways to  “use the innate wisdom of your body to your advantage so that you can make more money, travel the world, create more art, help others, find your soulmate, become a mom…in other words, to start living the life you were born to live. (Learn) powerful tools I teach my clients so they can start loving the bodies they call home and stop procrastinating on LIFE. These are some of the very things I’ve used to transform my own relationship with my body, in turn, changing the course of my entire life.”  

Rebelle Society

My beloved Rebelle Society  features a powerful post on the essential need to awaken to our aliveness, beginning with a mind-stretching quote from Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  Followed with “I see my life here on earth as a journey of self-discovery, so that I can remember my connection to the source while living as a physical being. The more I learn and experience in that manner where I am aware of my connection every time I am being human, then the more I evolve as a being.”

I know you want to read more, so check out 10 ways to awaken your aliveness right now.

Jeanette LeBlanc

Finally, Jeanette LeBlanc of Peace.Love.Free expertly pens prose in stay awake with me {the story of a broken heart & the open road}:

“Let the open road whisper three things you already knew but forgot to remember.

The world blinds you with its beauty

You only write redemption

You always make your way back to good.

Sink into the freedom of the road. Sink into the deep of the pain. Sink and sing and cry and get lost in the drive from here to there.

Sometimes the only way to get truly lost is to know exactly where you will find yourself in the end.”

Woosh. She touches my heart every time.

Who are YOUR favorite writers?  I’d love to hear so I can feature them on an upcoming top talent roundup!


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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