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2EAlchemy The Alchemist's Heart

Finding Creative Solutions – How To Turn A Disability Into An Asset (Part One)

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True confession: I have a challenge with time.  I’m pretty sure I was born without the wiring in my brain that allows people to gracefully keep track of it.  This particular form of organization utterly baffles me, and is guaranteed to be the major point of contention in any quarrel with my husband, who seems to have both an internal clock and compass that keeps him in the right place at the right time, always. Which I do not. Sigh.

Did I mention I’m geographically dyslexic?

For reals.

Yes, I assure you there is such a thing, but I digress.

2EAlchemy The Alchemist's Heart

Twice-Exceptionality: How to Ensure You Never Reach Your Potential


Twice-exceptionality is a dubious distinction that runs through at least four generations of my family.  I promise you it sounds cooler than it is.

A person who is both measurably gifted AND who has one (or more) physical, emotional, sensory, behavioral or learning disabilities is “2E”  – exceptional in two different areas.  It’s rather like encompassing both ends of the spectrum simultaneously.

It’s awesome to be one of roughly 2 – 5% of the population who experiences life through the highly capable zone. Not so much to be within the 7 – 10% of the population with clinical disabilities.

Overlap these two sets of numbers and you will find we are talking about a tiny percentage of the population (perhaps less than one percent) with set of challenges that has only recently been recognized.

Welcome to my world.