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The Alchemist's Heart Wisdom Flashbacks

How I Learned To Trust At The Speed Of Love

Driving Down the Road:driving,drive,car,speed,speeding,travel,driver,sun,summer,adventure,destination,road,highway,curved road,curve,light,asphalt,vehicle,auto,motion,in motion,fast,movement,accelerate,acceleration,transport,transportation,fun,enjoy,machine,moren,racing,traffic,street,blurred,blur,steering,hand,sun rays,sunshine,sunset,horizontal

My only warning was the sudden click of the doors unlocking themselves.

I briefly wondered WHY such a thing would happen before it donned on me.

I had lost control of my car.

Rather a heavy car….at twilight…on an unlit highway…12 miles from the nearest cell service…going 60 miles an hour.

Thoughts ran through my mind about what the bleep to do.