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The Alchemist's Heart

Announcing The Heart of Alchemy Academy

Oh Joy!!  Maybe, like me, you have thought there should be a school for adults with a passion for learning real-life transformational tools. A place that doesn’t require joining a specific religion or spiritual tradition. A structure that would safely guide people in exploring, exercising and gathering proven techniques to help create powerful shifts in their lives and the world around them.

Years before anyone had heard of Harry Potter, I wished for a school for adults very much like Hogwarts, one which could be accessed online. A place where we could satisfy our curiosity by deep diving into strategies and techniques that don’t require magic wands or incantations, but which have the power to increase magical, fulfilling, transformational experiences in our lives.
I decided to create the thing I wished to see.
A Virtual Academy for Alchemical Studies.

I am utterly delighted to share my first course offering with you! There is limited enrollment beginning October 1st for…..drumroll please…..

30 Days of Creating a Life that Works:
A Course in Holding Sacred Space for your Truest Self to Shine

Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone else without having time and space for yourself?
Do you feel like you’ve lost your inner spark?
Do you have intuitions that you aren’t sure what to do with?
Are you tired of feeling like you don’t fit in and being told you’re “too sensitive?”
Are you scared you’re losing your chance to live the life you want?

Now you’re ready to learn how to:

Believe in yourself.
Feel healthier, stronger and more beautiful.
Show up in the world in the way you are intended to.
Connect with your deepest gifts, the ones that have always been with you but you haven’t known how to access.
Shine again!

30 Days of Creating a Life that Works:
A Course in Holding Sacred Space for your Truest Self to Shine

I’ll help you connect to your brightest, truest self by opening the channels of communication inside your own heart and mind. I’ll teach you to expand this internal sacred space to create safer, more nurturing environments in your outer world. You’ll learn to start trusting your inner wisdom, find the support you crave and take powerful action so you can feel alive again.

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