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12 Steps To The Sacred Journey Of Your Life

Journey-250x250In celebration of my 100th post (YAY!!!), I invite you into the remarkable adventure of exploring the Hero’s Journey in your life with a hearty dose of alchemy for adventurers.

There is a pattern in all the great stories of the world that are really one story – one monomyth, with different faces.  This is the hero’s story – the sacred journey of your life.

Moms, in light of Mother’s Day, I dedicate this exploration of “J” in our A to Z alchemy series to you and the profound process of new parenthood. 

I offer you two short videos, one easy infographic and one condensed list.  Taking a few minutes with these concepts will help connect you with your inner alchemist to bring clarity, understanding and even peace to strengthen you in your incredible journey. 

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The Alchemist’s Heart Ranked Best of the Best on Alltop!


My kids have no idea why I’m jumping up and down, but they’re happily jumping with me. Maybe you will too now that The Alchemist’s Heart and Alchemy for Moms are featured on ALLTOP!

You know, the best of the best Alltop?!

Alltop is a beautiful resource –  think of it as an easily customizable magazine rack with all the best stories at your fingertips.  You’ll find me there in four categories – Positive Psychology, Moms, Parenting and Mental Health (yes, along with the big guys, like NIMH) – WooHooooo!