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Alchemical Organizing: 4 Steps to Loving your Space Again

I have a treat for you today with alchemy from guest blogger and organizing expert Melody Granger.  I warn you that she is infectiously enthusiastic, and can make even the stickiest spots smooth into graciousness.  So if you don’t want to make things better, don’t read this!

Neglected Your Space Lately? 4 Organizing Steps to Help You Fall Back in Love 

It’s so easy to put off doing the things around your home that would make your life more pleasant and your home easier to keep tidy and clean on a daily basis.

However, when you spend more time doing for others than for yourself, the signs of neglect in your space are likely to appear.

Neglect can be such a harsh word! But, a wonderful lady I worked with said to me, “I have neglected my space, that’s why these areas have piled up and gotten out of control.”  I knew there was more going on than pure neglect, but her words really struck a chord in me.

This is the first time I have ever talked about it openly since that day, years ago, because I want nothing less than the BEST, easiest life for you.

To neglect something is to fail to pay attention to, take proper care of, or basically ignore (something or someone). Neglect is often referred to in situations of abuse, like neglecting to care for a child’s basic needs, or neglecting to care for animals, or neglecting to care for the elderly properly. However, when you neglect to care for your environment, you may be subtly neglecting (or abusing) yourself.