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I Surrender My Heart To Tears Of Gratitude

autumn love bench

Gratitude fills my heart and mind today. May this intimate peek into my life bring nourishment for your soul.

I want to remember this moment.

There are tubes everywhere – attached to his hands, leg, face…and more. Bringing life giving fluids and oxygen, helping to circulate blood, carrying toxins away.
I have been strong.

I did not wring my hands while he was in surgery.
I sat in the wide, sunlit windowsill.
I breathed. In…and out…and in again.
I prayed. I meditated. I felt the love of our invisible energetic allies.
I talked to the fairies in the garden outside my window.

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A Thanksgiving Love Letter To You


The simple truth is that you are worthy and you transform the world by being here.

Not by doing something big and amazing that people cannot help but notice (although that may absolutely be the case), but by being you.

And for this, I truly give thanks.

My wish is that you can go through your day secure in the knowledge that it is impossible for you to be in the world without affecting it, and that the way you bring yourself forward and keep showing up even when there are moments that try your soul is MORE than good enough.

Maybe you have people in the world who speak this truth to you. If so, that’s fantastic!

But even if you look around and see your loved ones engaged with a thousand dramas of daily life, unable at this moment to reach out and give you a bear hug and remind you that you matter, that’s OK, too.

Because I’m here, and our community at The Alchemist’s Heart and Inviting Aphrodite is here, and we happen to be entering the darkest days of the year counting our blessings that you are present.

So please know this – as I celebrate Thanksgiving today, I send love and prayers for you, your family and your friends, trusting that for at least one true moment, no matter where you are and what you are doing, you may know that YOU ARE LOVED.

With Alchemy and Thanksgiving,

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Alchemy of Tending a Soul at Death’s Door

The Alchemy of Tending a Soul at Death’s Door

A geriatrician holds the hand of an elderly woman with arthritis.

She claws at me, tearing at my skin.

Fierce! How can an 85 pound woman be so strong?

I learn quickly, shifting my angle to avoid her piercing nails, only to find her teeth lashing out, nipping my skin.

How did she learn to fight like this? Did she have to do this to protect herself, or is this completely instinctual?

I force myself to lean INTO her field, past the quick, feral arms, and whisper softly to her ear.

She’s scared, disoriented. I have to talk to her, stroke her, reassure her, let her know it’s OK.

This woman I barely know is dying.

The same woman who gave life to my beloved, and had used her life and death-giving powers to withhold love and physical affection when he needed it most.

This is my mother-in-law, and I am here to love her so she knows she is not alone.