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The Artistry of Flora Aube: Creativity

Flora Aube, Guest Blogger

I am in LOVE with the artistry of Flora Aube, and absolutely delighted she has agreed to share on The Alchemist’s Heart as a guest blogger.  *Super Cool!*

Here is the blessing I’m sending home with all my creative clients this week:

Wild-Beauty-002-300x222Do you want to know the hardest thing about taking up a creative life?

It’s not the hours of practice,
fighting with your inner critic,
feeling disappointed when you can’t get the image to match your expectations,

It’s not setting aside the time,
justifying the space it takes up in your home,
or the way the laundry gets delayed.

It’s not even the initial embarrassment of showing your work to others
risking judgment or being subjected to unsolicited criticism,

Nor the lack of funds you have available to purchase really good paints and brushes,
or how you desperately want to afford that class or mentor that will
help you get to your next level, but have to wait another month.

No, it’s none of that.

The hardest thing about taking up a creative life is the Joy you feel.

You see, it’s like falling in love….everything else disappears and you become enthralled with
the moment to moment magic that is unfolding right in front of you.

Suddenly you are experiencing immense pleasure…a depth of pleasure that you have not felt in a VERY long time….

It’s a big deal.

It’s like realizing there is a hidden room in your heart that you have never entered.
It is an intuitive knowing that once you enter,
You will have access to the wilderness and mystery of your soul.

Like love,

you have to create an opening and a willingness to ALLOW creativity

to take up residence in you,

And once you do,

A river of beauty will rush through you,

And you will feel Alive in a way that will surprise you,

And for some women who thought they would never feel their vitality again,

Tears will fall….

Joy…. Love…. Space…. Beauty….

They dance at the center of the heart.