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The Alchemist's Heart

Embracing the YOU that cannot be contained

Unadulterated photo – complete with rogue curl

I’m reaching out to kiss the part of you that cannot be contained.

I happen to know that, like me, you have some version of my crazy little curl. 

One you try to cover up, tuck in, or shove into some socially acceptable space. Except that it will never, EVER, stay in place for long. I tucked this curl back into position tens of thousands of times before realizing it has been communicating something important. At which point, I took this photo BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO EMBRACE YOUR “CURL.”

You have alchemy inside your soul. 

And as you’ve noticed, alchemy doesn’t conform to much of anything we were taught growing up. 

THIS is what I love most about you – the magical element of your being that insists on growing in its own perfect way. 

So, darling, what is YOUR “curl?” What part of you doesn’t fit in? 
Where can you use support witnessing your own unique beauty? 
Comment below to share what you can embrace rather than push away. 

Because the more genuine compassion you offer your WHOLE self, the more life energy will be available for creating magic in your life! 

May you be blessed in all ways.

Thank you for including me in your journey. 

With Love and Alchemy,