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5 Simple Secrets Turn Your Weakness Into Powerful Strength (Part Two)

StabilityAre you ready to alchemize your world?

Here are my promised 5 secret steps to turn your weakness into powerful strength.

You probably know by now that I am not the world’s most natural organizer, and that I’ve found ways to successfully work with my 2E tendencies (if you’re reading this, I’ll bet you’ve got some, too!).  It delights me to share my favorite step-by-step ways to turn your COMPOST (feel free to substitute any word you want here!) into GOLD.

2EAlchemy The Alchemist's Heart

Finding Creative Solutions – How To Turn A Disability Into An Asset (Part One)

Portrait of girl screaming while holding clock against red background

True confession: I have a challenge with time.  I’m pretty sure I was born without the wiring in my brain that allows people to gracefully keep track of it.  This particular form of organization utterly baffles me, and is guaranteed to be the major point of contention in any quarrel with my husband, who seems to have both an internal clock and compass that keeps him in the right place at the right time, always. Which I do not. Sigh.

Did I mention I’m geographically dyslexic?

For reals.

Yes, I assure you there is such a thing, but I digress.