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Lusciousness! Loving these alchemical contributions from gifted bloggers while gathering my favorite posts from the web.

If you’ve been in my office, you know this is a topic dear to my heart.  A Love Letter to Tea by Caroline Mellor of Tales from the Seed :

“(Tea) is not a drink, it is meditation; it is prayer. Listen to the kettle creating a melody, and in that listening… become more silent, more alert.” ~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

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Energize your Workweek Challenge

Energize Your Workweek Challenge

It’s time! Join me in celebrating my birthday with the the alchemy of our FREE  workweek pick-me-up! 

I’ve teamed up with Alison Cardy to present the Energize your Workweek Challenge – a one week free program designed to support you in bringing more satisfaction, productivity and wellness into your daily life.

Here’s a peek at the alchemical concepts we’re gifting:

• Exactly where to look to boost your energy and outlook on life
• The essential practice you must learn and master to increase your productivity
• A quick, simple tool you can use several times a day to feel stronger and more supported
• A fun exercise that will open up creative possibilities in your life
• A doable tweak that will improve even the most dreaded cubicle
• A simple addition to your work space that will make a huge difference
• A critical step that will help you to put yourself first
• Inspiration for how to start that fitness routine you’ve been thinking about
• How to create meals that power your busy week
• A day-to-day system you can use to make meal prep a snap
• How to start getting organized (so that you’ll actually succeed)
• The secret to saving time and managing your energy
• A highly effective tip that will make all your decisions easier
• A simple, no cost treat you can give yourself that will positively impact your whole day
• A fun and easy way to take the pain out of planning an effective workweek (you’re gonna love this!)
• A simple 60-second morning exercise to transform your day + boost your productivity

What do you think? Sounds great, right? Be brave and I’ll prove we can deliver Practical, effective ways of lightening and energizing your week!

Participating in this challenge means you’ll be a part of a community based mini-movement meant to inspire you to step up your game. The best part? You can join in totally FREE! Just pop over to Energize your Workweek Challenge for a super easy signup.
Let’s give your workweek the tune-up it needs. It’s easy to participate, and the ideas you’ll learn will have a positive, lasting impact on your life.

My first-up is at 9am Pacific today, but you can catch the replay at www. energizeyourworkweekchallenge. com.  I’ll see you there!


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Celebrating Your Internal Light on Winter Solstice

Congratulations! You made it! You’ve reached the longest night of the year – Winter Solstice.  

In a matter of hours, the days will begin to get longer, and little by little, you will see the outer light return.

Really and truly, no matter how dark or cold it appears, the days will begin lengthening.shine_energy_5-300x225

But right now, we are celebrating the alchemical light glowing inside you.

The fact that you are reading this means you have what it takes.  Your internal strength and fierce determination have pulled you all the way through experiences you may not have known you would survive.

You are, as Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes of Women who Run with the Wolves says, “S.S. – Still Standing!”

And I am blessed to be here with you.

May you see the light that is you reflected in the eyes of the people you love, so it will shine more brightly in the sharing.  And may you go forward with a space of gratitude, knowing you have more than enough courage and more than enough heart to inspire all those you touch through your journeys.

With Blessings of Alchemy and Great Love,


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Finding Creative Solutions – How To Turn A Disability Into An Asset (Part One)

Portrait of girl screaming while holding clock against red background

True confession: I have a challenge with time.  I’m pretty sure I was born without the wiring in my brain that allows people to gracefully keep track of it.  This particular form of organization utterly baffles me, and is guaranteed to be the major point of contention in any quarrel with my husband, who seems to have both an internal clock and compass that keeps him in the right place at the right time, always. Which I do not. Sigh.

Did I mention I’m geographically dyslexic?

For reals.

Yes, I assure you there is such a thing, but I digress.

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What Not To Say: A Tip For Husbands

For every man who wants to keep their relationship with their significant other during the holiday: A Public Service Announcement.what-not-to-say-248x300

Yes, I’m serious.

For today’s tale from the sofa (counseling sofa, that is), I’m sharing a tale of gift giving gone wrong.
Sometime you don’t need coaching on the perfect words TO say, it’s altogether to do with what NOT to say.

2EAlchemy The Alchemist's Heart

Twice-Exceptionality: How to Ensure You Never Reach Your Potential


Twice-exceptionality is a dubious distinction that runs through at least four generations of my family.  I promise you it sounds cooler than it is.

A person who is both measurably gifted AND who has one (or more) physical, emotional, sensory, behavioral or learning disabilities is “2E”  – exceptional in two different areas.  It’s rather like encompassing both ends of the spectrum simultaneously.

It’s awesome to be one of roughly 2 – 5% of the population who experiences life through the highly capable zone. Not so much to be within the 7 – 10% of the population with clinical disabilities.

Overlap these two sets of numbers and you will find we are talking about a tiny percentage of the population (perhaps less than one percent) with set of challenges that has only recently been recognized.

Welcome to my world.

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How I Stopped Hyperventilating and Started Breathing with Grace

How To Calm Anxiety

I know, I know. You’ve heard a gazillion times that we need to focus on what Yoga and meditation. Woman silhouette.we want. The principle of attraction, what we focus on will come about, and like attracts like…yada yada.

Makes all the sense in the world when we’re in a reasonably calm place.  For me, the trick is to learn how to do this once I’ve already started hyperventilating!

Just in case I’m not the only one who needs this info, here’s the story of how an anxiety attack on the way to the dentist taught me to calm the **** down and do better next time.

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Announcing The Heart of Alchemy Academy

Oh Joy!!  Maybe, like me, you have thought there should be a school for adults with a passion for learning real-life transformational tools. A place that doesn’t require joining a specific religion or spiritual tradition. A structure that would safely guide people in exploring, exercising and gathering proven techniques to help create powerful shifts in their lives and the world around them.

Years before anyone had heard of Harry Potter, I wished for a school for adults very much like Hogwarts, one which could be accessed online. A place where we could satisfy our curiosity by deep diving into strategies and techniques that don’t require magic wands or incantations, but which have the power to increase magical, fulfilling, transformational experiences in our lives.
I decided to create the thing I wished to see.
A Virtual Academy for Alchemical Studies.

I am utterly delighted to share my first course offering with you! There is limited enrollment beginning October 1st for…..drumroll please…..

30 Days of Creating a Life that Works:
A Course in Holding Sacred Space for your Truest Self to Shine

Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone else without having time and space for yourself?
Do you feel like you’ve lost your inner spark?
Do you have intuitions that you aren’t sure what to do with?
Are you tired of feeling like you don’t fit in and being told you’re “too sensitive?”
Are you scared you’re losing your chance to live the life you want?

Now you’re ready to learn how to:

Believe in yourself.
Feel healthier, stronger and more beautiful.
Show up in the world in the way you are intended to.
Connect with your deepest gifts, the ones that have always been with you but you haven’t known how to access.
Shine again!

30 Days of Creating a Life that Works:
A Course in Holding Sacred Space for your Truest Self to Shine

I’ll help you connect to your brightest, truest self by opening the channels of communication inside your own heart and mind. I’ll teach you to expand this internal sacred space to create safer, more nurturing environments in your outer world. You’ll learn to start trusting your inner wisdom, find the support you crave and take powerful action so you can feel alive again.

Want to know more? Click me!