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How I Stopped Hyperventilating and Started Breathing with Grace

How To Calm Anxiety

I know, I know. You’ve heard a gazillion times that we need to focus on what Yoga and meditation. Woman silhouette.we want. The principle of attraction, what we focus on will come about, and like attracts like…yada yada.

Makes all the sense in the world when we’re in a reasonably calm place.  For me, the trick is to learn how to do this once I’ve already started hyperventilating!

Just in case I’m not the only one who needs this info, here’s the story of how an anxiety attack on the way to the dentist taught me to calm the **** down and do better next time.

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Top Talent Thursday with Colleen Raine

Alchemy in Action

image-200x300Prepare to fall in love with Tamerlane on Top Talent Thursday! I have been joyfully anticipating posting this today. Blessings to Colleen Raine for sharing this authentic story of Alchemy in Action. Love, C

“Tamerlane came into our lives when we needed her most. She was broken and we were lost. A kind woman told me during a particularly bad academic year for my daughter that she needed something in her life that had nothing to do with school or academics. She needed success on her own terms. And so she chose horses and fell in love with a beautiful bay mare Tamerlane, a champion show jumper that had been injured and pretty much left in her stable to recover.

A show jumper with a broken knee is not worth anything, financially speaking, so days went by without any intervention until my daughter Jasmin found her. Jasmin was thirteen at the time and continued to ask around until she found a grown up to tell her how to fix Tamerlane. And so, the rehabilitation began. Jasmin spent weeks and months massaging her knee, working with her and walking her slowly and then finally she was able to ride on her back. Jasmin restored Tamerlane’s knee and Tamerlane restored Jasmin¹s faith and courage. Tamerlane restored Jasmin’s soul.