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How to tell if a relationship is worth your life energy

A powerful question to ask

Want to know if a relationship is worth the energy you’re investing in it?

Ask this one question:

Do they consistently honor the light in your eyes and the passion in your soul?

Because YOU ARE WORTH HONORING, and anyone who doesn’t support that which lights you up from the inside doesn’t deserve much real estate in your life.

They don’t need to love the same things…they don’t even need to understand what sparks your soulfire…but they DO need to be able to notice and appreciate the life-giving alchemy of expanding with authenticity into our world.

Be brave.

Choose wisely.

I’m here to help.

With Love & Alchemy,

Alchemy of love
Alchemical Questions The Alchemist's Heart

Welcome to Wondering Wednesday!

Who is one of the most potent, life-changing teachers you have had the pleasure of experiencing in your life?

alchemy-for-lovers-320-300x232Gifts from my heart to yours: I’m dreaming up exciting behind-the-scene changes on The Alchemist’s Heart, complete with our new weekly rhythm. We will be enjoying Musical Mondays, Teaching Tuesdays, Wondering Wednesdays, Top Talent Thursdays and Feel-It-Work Fridays ~ a pattern of powerful modes of sharing!

Today’s Wondering Wednesday question is this:

Who is one of the most potent, life-changing teachers you have had the pleasure of experiencing in your life, and what made them so very special?

I’ll share mine and encourage you to share one (or more – because the Universe is abundant!) of yours:

Top honors go to Dr. David Madsen from my teen years at Seattle University. He was an irreverent genius at a Jesuit university who made Latin, Greco-Roman architecture and the joys of critical thinking come alive. He smoked so much his shirt armpits were stained yellow, made inappropriate comments (think Hugh Laurie playing House, M.D.), was proud of “breaking” 4.0 students (although he didn’t crack me), and had an infectious enthusiasm for life. My pig-tailed, 16 year old Sophomore self was utterly delighted to be respected and taken seriously on the basis of my thinking skills, not my age. His out-of-the box teaching inspires (puts the breath of life into) my avocation. I am tickled to see he’s still teaching and am concocting a letter of gratitude to share the difference he’s made in one life…and everyone I’ve worked with. Have you had a teacher who rocked your world in the best possible ways? Consider letting them know – there has GOT to be something supremely satisfying to have that gift of knowledge a quarter of a century later.