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Expanding My Heart With The Joy Of Synchronicity

Sky, child, field.
Sky, child, field.

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Today I offer an open love letter to the Universe for the joyful synchronicities that occurred during my trip to Boulder, Colorado this weekend.

I’ve just returned from a trip in which everything went right.
Roads were good. My car behaved perfectly. TSA checks went swimmingly well. Planes were on time. The rental car was ready and as advertised.  I can’t remember a smoother trip in the history of my traveling.

Everyone I met along the way was exceedingly gracious and I felt incredibly well cared for.

My heart has been bursting with joy at the beauty with which everything has unfolded.

To each one of you whose path I crossed, and to the Universe at large, I say THANK YOU!

All of this would have been enough to fill me to overflowing, but there is MORE.

Because this particular journey showered me with synchronicities from head to toe, as though I was being kissed by the Angels.

I’m certain you’ve been touched by synchronicity – when meaningful things have happened together, as if perfectly timed. Coincidences that can’t really be explained, that gave you pause to think “Hmmmm, that was pretty freakin’ amazing!

I believe we can each expand our hearts and increase our capacity for joy by recognizing and honoring synchronicity in our lives.  For in welcoming these experiences and saying “Thank You,” I believe we open the door to experiencing even more moments of meaning.

Here is one extra-special serendipitous moment that calls out for honoring:

Nobody was home when I arrived at my Airbnb host’s house, but there was a sheet on my bed with everything I needed. A restaurant list pointed me in the direction of Pearl Street, with special emphasis on a trio of eateries: The Kitchen, The Kitchen Upstairs and The Kitchen Next Door.

I headed out for some much needed nourishment and found my way to The Kitchen Upstairs. Upon arriving at this bustling location, the hostess asked if I would be comfortable sitting at a community table. An introvert at heart, I hesitated briefly. Hunger won out and I was seated directly in front of a younger couple who were clearly very much in love.

Closeup of smiling man carrying woman piggyback outdoor
Closeup of smiling man carrying woman piggyback outdoor

The man looked at me and said “We’ve been waiting for you!” Feeling a little shy, I smiled and looked to my menu while listening to their sweet banter. I took note of the nourishing sparkle emanating from their hearts and felt grateful to be in the presence of their relationship.

After we began to chat, it became apparent they HAD, if fact, been waiting for me.

Really and truly.

Of course, they didn’t know they were waiting for an alchemist named Christy, specifically, but they were clearly seeking information and support in their journey which just happens to be firmly within my bivouac.

And so we talked, wowed by the synchronicity that brought us together. They were intelligent, compassionate and earnest.  Their conversation buoyed my spirit and gratitude filled me for sharing their hearts intimately during our meal.

I didn’t realize that when I excused myself to go to the restroom, they paid my bill. They gracefully took their leave and another young man entered, kissing the hostess and sitting across from me. Clearly hungry, he looked wistfully at the menu.  He asked what I had enjoyed eating and shared he was waiting for his fiancée, the hostess, to finish her shift. He showed me his cigar foil engagement ring, declared he’d forgotten his wallet and decided to make do with a lemon slice in his water for the next hour.

That’s when my server quietly told me my bill had been settled by the magical young couple.

I looked at the cardboard box containing two small slices of pizza. I decided it would be just about perfect for my newest table companion.  I asked if he would like the box containing the leftovers which had been my gift from the Universe. He eagerly agreed, so I joyfully paid it forward, blessed his fiancée on my way out the door and grinned from ear to ear.

So please, Dearheart, pay attention to the synchronicities in your life.  Take them into your heart.  Honor them and watch them grow.  And if you’re willing to share magical moments with me here? I am thrice blessed!

And here are some more blessings for you!  Remember to hop on over to check out  Inspired Living Publishing’s much anticipated new book, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy and grab your copy today at to receive over 50 transformational gifts!

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I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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  • What a wonderful trip and people you met. I love when synchronicities happen. They happen very often for me and now I count on them happening. One of my recent moments is when I was thinking I needed to go buy a really big bottle of olive oil because I use olive oil on everything including my skin and we had only a couple tablespoons left. I didn’t make it to the store that day and low and behold a friend of my husbands shows up that same night just to hand me the largest bottle of homemade olive oil that I have ever seen and it had the most wonderful taste. When I opened the door and saw him standing there holding the gift for me I almost fainted. I started laughing and told him that he answered my prayer that day he just didn’t know it.

    • Tamar! I love your story and am delighted with your sharing. Isn’t it wonderful when people answer our prayers and they don’t even know it? I like to think we all do this for each other on a regular basis! Blessings on your day – I’d love to hear more of your stories as they appear in your life 🙂


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