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Manifest the Marvelous Magic Of Spirit Memory Now

A to Z AlchemyLearn the secrets to manifesting the marvelous magic of spirit memory with my A to Z Alchemy series right now!

It was her “do or die” moment.

She knew it was time to break through the glass ceiling and bring it to the world. Struggling with confidence issues before a call to land the biggest client of her life, she spilled over with desperate frustration.

She’d done all the right things as a solopreneur building her business from the ground up. She knew she could offer top-notch service, but she’d begun freezing during sales calls.

As we explored the fabric of these calls, it became painfully clear that she was not being present with the prospective clients and helping them tap into the feeling of success she could help them achieve.

How COULD she when the picture she made in her head was of getting to rock bottom, leading her into self-doubt, fear and financial insecurity?

I bet you can relate. We’ve all had moments when there was a huge discrepancy between what we knew we could do and what our limiting beliefs threw into our path.

There are a million reasons why these moments arise, but there is only ONE practical action step that always makes it better, and that’s what I’m about to share with you here.

There is ONE alchemical secret to healing the split between what you are capable of & what limiting beliefs throw in your way.

Are you familiar with the concept of muscle memory? It’s based on the realization that many tasks seem easier to perform after previous practice, even if you haven’t done them for a while. It’s as if the muscles “remember.”

My powerful alchemical secret is to encourage our “spirit memory” and here’s how:

It doesn’t have to be related in any way to the challenge you are grappling with, it just has to be a memory with very positive feelings when you were in a state of FLOW.

spirit memory can bring confidenceGot it?


Now it’s time to alchemize!

Feel that time as though it’s happening now.

Let your body relax into the spirit memory of being focused, strong, confident and capable.

Because the fact that you felt this once means you can feel it again – any time you need.

Now you have a powerful focal point to return to anytime you need extra support and resourcefulness. Write this memory down or choose a picture to remind you.  Keep it close to your mind and heart and remember to settle into the feeling of this spirit memory before engaging in potentially stressful activities. It will remind you of the incredible strength and resilience that lives inside you and help to bring about the best possible outcome.

My favorite spirit memory is taking a deep seat riding horses.  There is a wonderful feeling of centeredness, peace, rhythm, competence and oneness that has served me more times than I can count while working with people in challenging situations.

As for my client? She remembered the amazing feeling of singing with her heart, being one with the music and feeling the vibrations flow through her. She put a simple note to remind herself of this spirit memory next to her computer so she could intentionally tap into this strength before her sales calls.  She waited to engage in conversations with prospective clients until she was deeply connected to her spirit memory.

And you know what?

The alchemy worked.

She kicked that feeling of desperation right out the door, held a space for magic while talking to that big client and landed the partnership that helped break through the glass ceiling.

Now it’s ywhat spirit memory can YOU tap intoour turn.

So tell me, what spirit memory can YOU tap into as a source of strength, peace, wellness and confidence?

Share it here and you know I’ll help hold it with you!

With Love,

Your Alchemist, Christy

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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