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12: Shakti Secrets To Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Power

Embrace sacrefeminine powerd feminine power into your life with Shakti Priestess, Zinnia Gupte!

Zinnia is an inspirational author, speaker, priestess and sacred dancer who is expert at connecting women with their soul’s desires.

Accept this invitation and discover keys to awakening your inner power, beauty, intuition and magic in this potent conversation from my Inviting Aphrodite series!

  • Learn the exact techniques Zinnia uses to connect with sacred feminine power in her daily life…
  • Discover sacred feminine rituals to inspire your life today…
  • Recognize yourself as a naturally sovereign Goddess…
  • Explore the Intuitive, Personal, Magical and Manifesting powers you were born with and can harness right now!

And then go to www.ShaktiPriestess.com to claim your free Shakti Goddess Gift Bundle created to bring you deeper into your Feminine Wisdom. You’ll receive Zinnia’s visioning kit, affirmations and guided meditations designed to shift you into your Goddess Power!

self loveLearn a sacred self-love practice so you can tune into your radiant goddess self.

Embrace 10 power packed “goddess affirmations” that will enliven you with power, purpose AND passion.

PLUS…affirm every day you are a gorgeous goddess with a 5 minute goddess meditation that will help you believe in and hold your power, embrace your beauty and manifest MAGIC like a goddess with your powerful new mantra…

You will receive:

  • Zinnia’s Special Report: 5 Sacred Keys To Own Your Feminine Power
  • Desire & Manifest Soul Visioning Kit
  • Goddess Power Affirmations
  • Self-Love Worksheet
  • Gorgeous Goddess Meditation

Imagine how powerful and loved you’ll feel from embracing these principles in your daily life!

And if YOU have a transformative story of connecting with sacred feminine power in your own life, I’d LOVE to hear about it – I may feature you on my Inviting Aphrodite series!


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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