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Save the Date with Dance Therapy!

photo-206x300Christy’s Spontaneous Virtual Birthday Celebration

You know how birthdays are supposed to be happy? Full of joy, presents and giggles? A blissful combination of radiant loved ones, positive energy and well wishes?

Not always, eh?  I’m certain some of you reading this have experienced intensely painful moments on your “special day.” Emotional catastrophes of various sorts. Enough that you half-wish you could skip it altogether.

Except…..there’s always this tug of hope….

Maybe this time something better can happen.

Let’s bring on the magic!  Together, WE are going to save my birthday and start a pattern of empowering our birthdays with dance therapy.

I’m asking you to SAVE THE DATE – January 21st – and I will put YOU on my dance card!

It’s super simple. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Find a song that moves you. It can be wild and raucous, uplifting, peaceful, silly, courageous, meditative, passionate or inspiring.  Something that speaks to your soul.
  2. Choose 30 seconds to 5 minutes to give yourself over to music on January 21st.
  3. Grab any willing friends or family that are to hand, declare your intention, send me a virtual hug and DANCE or SING or PLAY an instrument or ALL THREE – your choice! I know some of my loves don’t dance….for you, simply immerse yourself in a song.
  4. Post a link on my Facebook page and/or HERE as a comment on my blog to let me know you joined in our celebration!  Tell me the song you chose, where you were when you celebrated, how many people danced with us, and what FEELINGS you had when you danced.  Love the feelings 🙂  Bonus points AND extra candles on my cake if you post a pic of you dancing and/or a link to the song you chose so I can click through and groove, too!

That’s it! THEN, when your birthday rolls around, give all of each of your friends (Ooohh, oooh, Pick me! Pick me!) a chance to reciprocate. Let us dance and celebrate for you and launch you into the next year with great big warm hearts!

With Love,


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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  • What a truly fun way to celebrate a birthday! I was alone this day but took full advantage of this creative opportunity. After I finished my daily meditation, I remembered a song I used to love called “Just Like Heaven”, an absolute favorite of mine by The Cure. I know, I know ~ an 80’s group ~ but is there any better way to reconnect with our youthful spirit than to revisit the music and/or activities that inspired us when we were younger? I danced and laughed and even cried a little while feeling a great joy that reminded me of how much I love dancing! It’s been way too long. Thanks, Christy, for the inspiration!!! May your special day be as fun and joyful as my “dance therapy” was & may you be blessed with all that makes your heart sing!!


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