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Rekindle Your Soulfire with Aphrodite’s Spark

Rekindle Your Soulfire with Aphrodite’s Spark:  3 steps to create more energy, beauty and

magic to give and receive


An invitation and training for women called to more 


Beautiful girl staring at fairies in a magical forest . Fantasy concept
Beautiful girl staring at fairies in a magical forest . Fantasy concept

Are you feeling overly busy these days?

Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone else?

Do you secretly long to stay in bed, pull the covers over your head and sleep for a week?

Do you wish that someone would show up and take care of you for once?

You’re competent, smart, and a hard worker. The problem is, you have been so busy taking care of other people — your kids, your customers, your partner, your friends, other family members — right now, you’re barely holding everything together.

You’re a tough cookie. But you can sense the light inside of you getting dimmer and dimmer. You’re too young to feel this old.

Rekindle-Your-Soulfire-Sunflower-400x250I see you, beauty. And know this: There is another way. Do not drop anchor here. The world does not need you to use yourself up until you are as empty as an old tube of toothpaste.

Your exhaustion is actually an invitation from the goddess Aphrodite herself. She is calling you to discover a new way. A better way. A way you can care deeply and well for the people you love… and have way more energy, peace and support than you have now.

Join me for this special 60 minute webinar where you’ll learn:

  • Why exhaustion is a signal that something is not working
  • How modern life sets us up to fail — and how to play the game differently so you win
  • How to finally get some freaking rest so you replenish your energy and passion for life
  • 3 things you need to stop doing now!
  • What your mother never told you about desire, attraction, and being turned on
  • Tiny, fun ways to feed your soul (even when you’re busy!)

You know deep inside this is possible for you, but nobody has shared the secrets of unlocking this Goddess energy just waiting to break free and enliven your mind, body and spirit.  It’s time to answer Aphrodite’s call and rekindle your life force — so please join us for this practical and eye-opening call.

I promise to share some of my favorite tips guaranteed to help rekindle your soulfire.   They are simple to use and they’ll make a difference in your energy the very first day!Find-your-inner-goddess-150x150Aphrodite guides all women on their path to restore their energy and deep daily pleasure in being alive. Widely known as the Greek goddess of romantic love, Aphrodite also symbolizes the deep satisfaction, beauty and renewable energy that is generated when a woman takes primary responsibility for her own love and nourishment.  Relentlessly joyful, Aphrodite is available 24/7 to her friends and followers, ready to dance us through life’s difficulties with grace.  With limitless love, she guides us into remembering our own wholeness, opening our hearts, and thriving (with some creative problem solving!). Aphrodite’s promise is this: You can rise up rejuvenated and fully alive again ~ and experience peace, pleasure and a profoundly supportive relationship with your inner goddess.

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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