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How To Embrace Your Beautiful Rainforest Mind – Part One


rainforest mindHave you been told you’re too sensitive? Do you hold high standards for yourself and have a deep need for beauty, balance, harmony? You may have a Rainforest Mind!

Get the inside scoop with alchemist Paula Prober, an expert on the social, emotional and spiritual needs of gifted children and adults.

Lest you think this doesn’t apply to you, THINK AGAIN. A surprising number of people have no idea they’re gifted.  WOW, are they startled when I press a copy of Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth, into their hands! Stay tuned, because you’re about to learn something that can change your life . . .

Discover keys to embracing your beautiful rainforest mind:

*Understand this powerful ecosystem model of the human mind

*Feel a sense of relief when you recognize what may really be going on

*Develop an awareness of your rich inner gifts

*Learn how to stop making yourself “wrong” or “bad” for being your amazing self

*Begin to connect with kindred spirits who understand the unique gifts and challenges of having a rainforest mind

It is time to move beyond blaming and shaming yourself for not fitting in. Your sensitivity is a gift that you can partner with more easily with a shift in your perspective. I promise it is possible to feel more fulfillment, connection and alignment with your authentic self with a few keys to begin unlocking your extraordinary potential.

The world needs your thirst for knowledge, eye for beauty, passion and creativity. There is something uniquely healing that only you can birth in the world.

If, like many rainforest minds, you believe that you must be perfect to make a difference and/or that only grand, impressive differences count, I challenge you to gently soften your grip on these ideas.

You are worthy right now, flaws and all, and you are making a difference in the world simply by showing up!  

Join me in honoring the rich territory we are learning to navigate in part one of Embracing Your Beautiful Rainforest Mind.

If you relate to these ideas, you can make a difference right now by leaving a comment. Where are YOU in the journey of learning to embrace your rainforest mind? Then check out Part Two of our giftedness miniseries!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

Comments (7)

  • Who is the author of that beautiful illustration above? A follow up is, how come a site dedicated to making people reconnect with their inner spiritual strengths fails to give proper credit to those whose art it uses to attract subscribers?
    I don’t mean to be insulting but it should be a given to do the right thing and serve as a moral standard-bearing example, before lecturing people about their supposedly unawareness of the their own wondrous soul.
    In case I’m being wrong and unfair, and you happen to be the artist, I offer my sincere apologies. I may be too jaded about what I see on the Web.
    I should also compliment you for being such a gifted artist and using your talents to help people find their path. All the best.

    • Hello Wesley, thank you for your question, and for caring deeply about helping to ensure respect for the artists that bring beauty into our lives. Having grown up in a family of artists, it is a point of integrity that I either purchase the artwork and rights to use it freely, or I gain explicit permission to use it with credit and links to promote the original artist. In the case of this particular beauty, Victor Tongdee has authorized full use of his work, once purchased, without additional credit at http://www.istockphoto.com/portfolio/victor_tongdee?mediatype=photography&excludenudity=true&sort=best I encourage you to enjoy his double exposure offerings. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

      • Eloquent reply, Christy!

        • Thank you, Nicole! I grow a little each time I accept opportunities to communicate with respect, potential triggers and all. Everyone has a positive intention seeking expression 🙂

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  • Brilliant! This describes me to a tee!!! Thank you so much, I love learning about the rainforest mind. I’m an INFJ too!

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