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Finding and Keeping Joy with Dr. Shoshanna Bennett

Exploring the Causes and Treatments of Postpartum Depression

pregnant-on-prozac-194x300Life with your new baby isn’t what you expected?

It’s O.K.! Dr. Shoshanna Bennett, author of Pregnant on Prozac and Postpartum Depression For Dummies, is joining us to help.

“Dr. Shosh” is the “go-to” expert for postpartum depression. She is a survivor of two life-threatening postpartum depressions. She founded Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987, and is a former president of Postpartum Support International. Dr. Shosh helped develop the official Postpartum Support International training curriculum for professionals which is now considered the gold standard in the field. She has helped over 19,000 women worldwide through individual consultations, support groups and wellness seminars. As a noted guest lecturer and keynote speaker, she travels throughout the US and abroad, training medical and mental health professionals to assess and treat postpartum depression and related mood and anxiety disorders. She earned three teaching credentials, two masters degrees, a Ph.D. and is licensed as a clinical psychologist.

We’ll explore the causes and treatments of postpartum depression and anxiety, conditions that affects over 500,000 women every year in the United States alone. No matter what your pregnant or postpartum journey has been to this point, tune in to learn how to become the best mother and the best person you can be.

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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