I see you, Dearheart.

You’re soulful, creative, empathic, and highly capable.

You feel more than most.

People trust you to show up and bring your best – over and over and over again.

You are, by all appearances, successful.

But you feel like you’re losing your spark.

You’re a little afraid that all the things you’re here to do might not happen…that the busy-ness of life is dampening the ONE THING that makes everything possible.

The flame that burns within your heart – your soulfire – is calling you.

It needs tender care so you can keep showing up in the amazing ways you do…making an even bigger difference in this world…while living in alignment with your essential self.

And even though you are dearly loved, most people in your life don’t know how to give you what you need most.

So tell me, my dear, who tends YOU?

Who holds space for the sacred journey of YOUR life? 

Hi. I’m Christy.

I have a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis on systems counseling and am a trusted, nationally certified mental health professional who’s been a practicing therapist for over 20 years.

BUT.  I can’t share my deepest intuitions about you, give you messages from your angels and guides, help you connect with the benevolent energies around you, clear up energies that don’t belong to you, read the runes, recommend flower essences, homeopathy or herbs, or work with the many other alchemical  tools I love to use within that professional, government-regulated capacity.

I’m not even supposed to hug you or say I love you. I can’t talk about the things that matter most.


Let’s recover the ‘you’ that you dearly miss and nurture the heck out of your soulfire!

With Alchemy Sessions, we’ll get the heart of what your soul needs you to know through deep dive conversations, hypnosis and guided visualization, energy work, mindfulness techniques, and biofeedback to free up your energy, clear up what doesn’t belong, and connect at a deep level in order to transform your life from the inside out.

I can see who you’re becoming, and I can help you move closer to that self with practical, science-based tools, and an arsenal of woo-woo as well.

Rituals, bodywork, archetype exploration, art therapy, journaling, dreamwork, and visioning are examples.

I’m committed to giving you free, practical tools that help you live a better life and recover the self that went missing all those years ago.

We’ll meet every two weeks in a way that is comfortable for you – in person, on the phone or video conference – for about 90 minutes, and you’ll have homework in between. This process lasts for six months, which is the perfect not-too-short, not-too-long timeframe.

6 monthly payments of $500 (for a total of $3000)

If you are interested in deeply transformative alchemy for your life, write me now and let me know. I will respond personally and schedule a no-obligation heart whispering session to see if this is right for you.

Have questions?

Email me: christy@thealchemistsheart.com


Love Letters 

Christy has a heart overflowing with love and is a true gift to our world.
I’m not saying go see Christy for a year so you’ll feel a little better….not at all!
In the first few SECONDS of meeting her, you will know she genuinely cares and has techniques that work. In a single, two hour session, Christy helped clear the emotional charge around my husband’s passing. I came to her ten years after his death, unable to talk about him or think about what had happened without breaking down. Now I can see a photo of him and SMILE! There is a way to remove barriers and move forward that is life changing! I wish for you all the love and happiness in the Universe. May you courageously step up to free yourself from the past and begin creating an amazing future.
Aspiring Alchemist,

Natalee Medina
Founder / Medina Karaoke

With her intuitive and empathetic nature, Christy’s gifts were invaluable in my journey. During a critical turning point in my life, I had to learn my worth, own my power and face my fears. Christy lovingly guided me with incredible insights while teaching me skills I continue to use every day. I’m so thankful I found her!

Jenny George
Owner / Jenny George Photography

How does Christy hide her wings? I’m convinced that she’s part angel, part mystical fairy—both of which combine to make her a gifted healer. 

She can instantly transform any space, virtual or in-person, into a safe and sacred space where those struggling can be welcomed, guided, and transformed through her alchemy. I don’t know how she does it, I’m just so grateful she does.

Amy Jones

Christy brings you a highly-developed expanded awareness. She can discern your situation and needs at a deep level, and assist you in gaining a deep sense of clarity regarding yourself, your challenges, your abilities, and your mission. She will give you tools from her considerable healing expertise to increase your energy, motivation, and effectiveness in living the remarkable life you desire.

Linda Semrau

“Nourishment for the soul? Indeed it is and so much more! Christy creates a safe, nurturing space and fills it with her beautiful, accepting, loving spirit. The gifts and talents she brings to your session are so broad and all-encompassing that there really is no limit to what you can address. Her methods are simple, yet profoundly effective, and best of all, she truly recognizes you on the most deep and real levels, which creates such wonderful opportunity for growth and healing. You simply cannot go wrong with this inspiring woman ~ she truly is a passionate alchemist who is ready, willing and able to help you transform your life!”

Coach Kijara
Owner / Visionary Crossroads

“Dear Christy, you are a godsend, an angel.  You appeared to me right when I needed you and I am beyond grateful for the time you took to help me and the love you poured into it.  You helped me get clear on many things which led me into the healing process.  I was really in a depression when you came into my life and the transition that took place through your alchemy work was miraculous to say the least.  Your guidance and wisdom opened my eyes to see even more of my path.  I am now pushing forward on that path.  I have taken your advice and couldn’t be more happy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Tamar Gröll
Owner / www.tamargail.com

“In one session Christy was able to untangle a ball of fear and confusion that had been holding me back for years.
I had reached a breaking point in my business and the last thing I wanted to do was look at my emotions.
But that was precisely what was needed! Each tool she uses is like a tiny key unlocking a complicated code that, once revealed, gives you access to the best parts of your self…leading to a sense of real wholeness, integration and aliveness.
I had been ignoring parts of myself that were vital and needed for my personal and professional success and happiness.
I would not have been able to realize these breakthroughs without her help. She’s intuitive, gentle, compassionate and effective.
I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to recommend her services to anyone struggling or simply wanting to live a richer and more authentic life.

Christy, your work is truly magical!”

Carla Holden
Owner / www.HerBusinessBoutique.com

“I think of Christy as an amazing balance between a power force and a highly enlightened light worker.
She combines a deep understanding of the spiritual and emotional issues in your life with a talent for giving you tangible, practical, easily do-able solutions that you can use to make things better right away.
Christy definitely hears what you’re saying and really gets what you’re going through.
But, then she makes a point of saying “Okay, this is exactly what you can do to make your life easier.
Go out and try these one or two things and report back.” And I really like that Christy’s style is never rigid.
She’s not invested in her own particular system or structure. Instead, she says “Here’s what I know works.
Make this your own, come back and tell me how it went, and we’ll make adjustments and tweaks so it’s perfect for you.
” I would definitely recommend Christy’s services to anyone who wants to create space in their own life and reconnect to what matters.
She gives you the tools you need to create something that is amazing. At the end of the day, she helps you transform, you just have to go out do it!”

Maya Gaddie
Owner / www.mayagaddie.com