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Nourishing Your Spirit With Powerful Voices From The Sisterhood

Indian dance
Indian dance

Oh Beauties! Do you know the experience of being filled up to overflowing with gratitude for gorgeousness in your life?

Today I’m THIS grateful to be able to share alchemical sister writers with you.  May their writing nourish your spirit and inspire your days.

First up is Stephanie Burg with The Secret Ingredient:

But here’s the thing–pleasure is what creates a life well-lived. It’s the difference between fully embracing your potential and productivity and feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out and under-nourished– mind, body and spirit.

When we allow ourselves to trust what we really want out of life and go for it– instead of waiting until we’ve lost the weight, made the money, or found our soulmate– we can start to match our ideal version of life with the one we’re currently living.Read more

lotus flower blossom in the sunrise
lotus flower blossom in the sunrise

Next is Jeanette LeBlanc of Peace.Love.Free with  You Are Seen, You Are Seen, You Are Seen, And My God, You Are Beautiful

I see you take that breath. And inhale again. And I see your resolve settle in your bones. I see you rise again, still broken, and somehow always whole.

I see you, beneath the surface. I see your untamable wild. I see your billowing heart. I see your unshed tears and your not yet dreams and your devotion to spirit. I see you howl at the moon and call the ocean home and ground to earth and grow taller than the trees.

Sandra at Tall Red Poppy  offers beautiful words on The Things That Really Need To Be Said, and a bit on finding your truth and living it:

Truth needs to be said.
Not fear.
Fear is not truth.
Fear is a feeling, and feelings do need to be expressed. The key, though, is to come from Truth first. Read more

Wrapping up the inspiration is Nadia of The Pleasure Plate (great name, right?!) with Surrender Vs. Defeat:

Interesting the way that goes, right? How sometimes in our moments of fear and panic, when we are not trusting, we feel the need to DO something. And what we don’t realize is that in the DOING itself, we are harming ourselves. Sometimes, we just gotta lay back and have faith in the instinctual part of us that is telling us to not move, to not say yes to the deal, to not try to “fix” it. And to wait.” Hear Nadia’s remarkable story here.

What are YOUR favorite stories of the week?

I’d love to feature alchemy from your heart to the world!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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