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Want to hear the real truth about new parenthood?


Laugh along with Christy Harvey and her award-winning guest, Vicki Glembocki, as they break the New Mother Code of Silence. They will discuss Vicki’s book, The Second Nine Months: One Woman Tells the Real Truth about Becoming A Mom. Finally.


Vicki is irreverent, brutally honest and very funny – all in the same breath. Christy, an emotional health therapist and the Mommy Muse, is passionate about enlivening your resourcefulness and creativity as you make the profound transition into motherhood.

Ready to hear from a courageous mother?


Lauren Hale is a self-described “Survivor of Motherhood.” So far, she’s conquered Postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder twice, Ante-partum Depression once, earned a NICU badge, and awakens daily thankful for the challenges that await her. Even if they include peanut butter covered children! Any time not spent cleaning peanut butter is devoted to providing peer support to families struggling with Postpartum Mood Disorders.


Join in as we explore Lauren’s journey. Discover what helped through her darkest times, and what her favorite resources are for YOU.

The Elusive Antidote to Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night


Do you suffer through sleepless nights, and then during the day listen to heartless advice to let your baby “cry it out?”


Join Christy Harvey and her well-rested guest, Elizabeth Pantley, in helping baby sleep through the night. Discover how to help your baby fall asleep peacefully – and stay asleep all night long! They will talk about Elizabeth’s book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep through the Night.

Christy, an emotional health therapist also known as the Mommy Muse, knows first-hand that having adequate sleep can make all the difference in how a mom functions. Elizabeth, an educator and mother of four, is eager to offer tear-free sleep solutions to fit your personal parenting style.

Concerned about making enough milk for your baby?


Wondering how to make more milk?


Two lactation experts are here to help!


Separate fact from fiction with two leading experts who have been there themselves and are officially recommended by La Leche League International. Authors of The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk will share the latest research and discoveries about causes of low milk supply, the way your body makes milk, and how babies contribute to your milk production.


Tune in for stress reducing suggestions for both time-honored and innovative ways to make more milk. Join Diana West and Lisa Marasco along with Christy Harvey, the Mommy Muse, to empower your life with information you need to know now.

Toddlers and technology – not so different!


As award-winning author Kathy Buckworth points wisely points out, owning a smartphone is a little like adding another child to your family. The device is constantly buzzing, poking, and distracting its owner from whatever it is she’s trying to accomplish. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the uncooperative two-year-old hanging off Mom’s leg. And is that holster really any different from a Baby Bjorn? When either squeaks, Mom jumps.


Still not convinced? Consider Buckworth’s irrefutable facts: Both “start up” upon entering the washroom. Both go off in the middle of the night, even when they’re supposedly turned off. Both require time alone plugged into a one-way communication device to be recharged: for the BlackBerry, it’s the USB cord; for the kid, the television set or GameCube.


Get ready for a no-holds-barred trip through the wacky world of toddlers and technology with a mom who really understands!

Do you wish you could move through your life with fearless autonomy, grace and spirit?


Do you want to flow with the melody and listen as the voice within says, “I CAN DANCE!”?


Learn to move through your life with fearless autonomy, grace and spirit!


Dance is a metaphor for life. Join four remarkable women and soak up the inspiration as they share the magic of belly dance for well-being and launch the Mommy Muse’s new e-book, The Belly Dance Prescription: Shake Your Hips and Depression. Legendary belly dancer Delilah; Michelle Maniaci, who specializes in yoga and belly dance for pregnant and post-natal women; Lisa Sarasohn, author of The Woman’s Belly Book; and Christy Harvey, the Mommy Muse, believe that learning to dance brings us key information about living our lives.

On the Front Lines of the Mommy Wars with Leslie Morgan Steiner


Ever wondered why women waste so much energy judging other women?

Ready for a breath of fresh air?


Leslie Morgan Steiner, editor of the best-selling anthology Mommy Wars, joins us to help resolve the tension between mothers who stay at home to raise children and mothers who pursue careers outside of the home. We’ll explore the battle that rages inside so many women who struggle to feel good about being a mom, no matter what their choices are about work.

With motherhood comes one of the toughest decisions of a woman’s life: Stay at home or pursue a career? The dilemma not only divides mothers into hostile, defensive camps but pits individual mothers against themselves. Leslie Morgan Steiner has been there. As an executive at The Washington Post, a writer, and mother of three, she has lived and breathed every side of the “mommy wars.” Rather than just watch the battles rage, Steiner decided to do something about it. She commissioned twenty-six outspoken mothers to write about their lives, their families, and the choices that have worked for them. The result is a frank, surprising, and utterly refreshing look at American motherhood.


Ranging in age from twenty-five to seventy-two and scattered across the country from New Hampshire to California, these mothers reflect the full spectrum of lifestyle choices. Women who have been home with the kids from day one, moms who shuttle from full-time office jobs to part-time at-home work, hard-driving executives who put in seventy-hour-plus weeks: they all get a turn. The one thing these women have in common, aside from having kids, is that they’re all terrific writers.

Are you exhausted from caring for your family and neglecting yourself?

Do you compare yourself with other mothers who look more successful than you, and get mad at yourself when you make a mistake?


Join author Susan Callahan and Christy Harvey, the Mommy Muse, as they discuss the book Mothers Need Time-Outs Too: It’s good to be a little selfish. It actually makes you a better mother – by Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen & Katrin Schumann.

Discover how to make your life work better for you NOW!

Get ready to empower your life, shake your hips AND depression by discovering my Fitness Favorite, Belly Dance!

World-renowned Master Instructor Suhaila Salimpour, of the three generation Salimpour Legacy, joins me to share the miraculous transformation this ancient art form can bring to your life, now. You CAN move through your life with grace, strength, and spirit through the beauty of belly dance.

Find out how you can transform your life from the comfort of your own home through Suhaila’s NEW Virtual Studio.

Do you know someone who is a new mom or expecting a baby?


Or maybe you’re a brand new mom yourself.


Do you want some seriously good gift ideas?


Join Christy Harvey, the Mommy Muse, and the makers of some of her all-time favorite products for new moms: Earth Mama Angel Baby, Bella Materna, Mamma’s Milk Slings, My Brest Friend nursing pillow & more. These are gifts that will help you or any new mom and baby feel far more comfortable.

Kathy Ireland Brings Real Solutions for Busy Moms!



Do you know the secrets to being successful while maintaining your sanity?

Do you need solutions for your busy life?

Kathy Ireland has listened to women from all walks of life who struggle with balancing the responsibilities of marriage, raising children and managing a household, often on top of a career, all while trying to find time to take care of themselves. She understands our challenges first-hand, and has dedicated herself to finding solutions for families, especially busy moms, through

Listen in as this amazing woman joins Christy Harvey, the Mommy Muse, to learn about her powerful new book, Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity.

Gifted Therapists from The Postpartum Stress Center Answer Your Questions


Have you wondered how to ask for help?

Do you want to discover practical information to help you make informed choices?

Wherever you are in your prenatal or postpartum journey, tune in as Trish McGarrigle and Kate DeStefano-Torres of The Postpartum Stress Center ( join me the Mommy Muse, to empower your life with information you need to know now.

The Postpartum Stress Center was established to provide a better understanding and comprehensive clinical intervention for any woman who suffers from the range of prenatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. Their objective is to provide support and treatment for the pregnant or postpartum woman and her family as well as guidance for her treating physician or therapist. They are committed to providing excellent clinical care to both our clients and professionals who seek our expertise.

Finding and Keeping Joy with Dr. Shoshanna Bennett


Life with your new baby isn’t what you expected?


It’s O.K.! Dr. Shoshanna Bennett, author of Pregnant on Prozac and Postpartum Depression For Dummies, is joining us to help.


“Dr. Shosh” is the “go-to” expert for postpartum depression. She is a survivor of two life-threatening postpartum depressions. She founded Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987, and is a former president of Postpartum Support International. Dr. Shosh helped develop the official Postpartum Support International training curriculum for professionals which is now considered the gold standard in the field. She has helped over 19,000 women worldwide through individual consultations, support groups and wellness seminars. As a noted guest lecturer and keynote speaker, she travels throughout the US and abroad, training medical and mental health professionals to assess and treat postpartum depression and related mood and anxiety disorders. She earned three teaching credentials, two masters degrees, a Ph.D. and is licensed as a clinical psychologist.


We’ll explore the causes and treatments of postpartum depression and anxiety, conditions that affects over 500,000 women every year in the United States alone. No matter what your pregnant or postpartum journey has been to this point, tune in to learn how to become the best mother and the best person you can be.

Find Your Right Life No Matter What with Martha Beck!


Do you sometimes lose sight of who you really are?


Have you been so focused on taking care of others that you not only overlook your personal stress and unhappiness, but neglect to nourish yourself?


Do you know how to find your right life no matter what?


Now you can with Oprah columnist and New York Times best-selling author of Steering by Starlight! Join Martha Beck,, one of the best-known life coaches and authors in America, and me the Mommy Muse, as we discuss how to find your right life no matter what. Dr. Beck’s passion is reconnecting people with their essential selves. Let her gentle advice assist you in solving problems while fostering your strengths and creativity.

Exposing The Secret Lives of Moms with Oprah Guest Vicki Glembocki!


Do you crave an inside look at the secret life of moms?

Wonder if the truth of your life behind the scenes is normal or crazy?


Award-winning author of The Second Nine Months: One Woman Tells the Real Truth About Becoming a Mom, Vicki Glembocki, knows and exposes the empowering truth! She bared all on the Oprah Winfrey Show and was declared one of the boldest moms in the country. Discover how enlivening and reassuring our candid talk about the Real Truth of Motherhood can be.

Gentle Advice for Solving Problems with Martha Beck!


Do you sometimes lose sight of who you really are?


Have you been so focused on taking care of others that you not only overlook your personal stress and unhappiness, but neglect to nourish yourself?


Or maybe you’ve experienced an unexpected pregnancy that completely unraveled life as you knew it.


Join Martha Beck (, one of the best-know life coaches and authors in America, and me, the Mommy Muse, as we answer your questions and discuss Martha’s books The Joy Diet and Expecting Adam. Dr. Beck’s passion is reconnecting people with their essential selves. Let her gentle advice assist you in solving problems while fostering your strengths and creativity.

Workable Solutions to the Mommy Madness with Dr. Ann Dunnewold


Are you often plagued with guilt and worry?


Wish you could opt out of the “Perfect Parent Olympics” and connect, rather than compete, with other moms?


Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice Box!


Join Ann Dunnewold, Ph.D. ( and me, the Mommy Muse as we answer your questions and discuss Ann’s book, Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice Box! Ann is a licensed psychologist with 25 years’ experience helping women deal with life issues, and has authored a number of books and publications. The mother of two nearly-grown daughters, she offers a truly practical perspective that might be just what you need to hear.


Time to drop the stress and enjoy raising responsible, resilient children

Double-Daring Girls and Straight Talk about Mother Shock with Andrea Buchanan!


Mother Shock! Best-selling author, Andrea Buchanan, aptly coined this term for the state in which many new parents exist during those first confusing, chaotic, and often comical years of parenting. “It is the clash between expectation and result, theory and reality; a twilight zone of 24-hour-a-day living where life is no longer neatly divided into day and night. It is the stress of trying to acclimate quickly to the immediacy of mothering; of formulating a new conception of oneself, one’s role in the family and in the world; of shouldering a fearful new level of responsibility and a new delegation of domestic duties.”

We’ll explore this powerful book and then dive into her brilliant new book: The Double-Daring Book for Girls!

Or are you a new parent who is too exhausted to figure out how to get your baby (or babies) to sleep through the night?


Listen to Karen Pollak, well-known parent educator, expert on infant and toddler sleep, and founder of Double Talk for Twins and Babies2Sleep. For over 10 years, Karen has mentored thousands of new and expectant parents and helped them thrive during this joyful but demanding time in their lives. Her practical and effective solutions to day-to-day challenges can help you develop the skills you need in order to thrive as a parent. She can also give you some great tips regarding how to get some sleep – for your baby and for you!

Navigating New Fatherhood: Helping Men Beat the Baby Blues and Overcome Depression


Yes, as many as 1 in 4 new dads do get postpartum depression! Being a parent is hard, and being the parent of an infant is especially difficult. If you are a father suffering from exhaustion and anxiety, have lost your sense of humor and are often irritable, angry or otherwise miserable, you might be experiencing PPND (Paternal Postnatal Depression).

Listen to renowned psychotherapist Dr. Will Courtenay ( and Christy, the “Mommy Muse,” discuss the rarely-acknowledged challenges men face while journeying into new fatherhood, and offer strategies that can truly make a difference to you.

Your Guide to Living An Extraordinary Life


What are the foundations of sustainable excellence in everything we do?


How can we go beyond surviving into thriving in uncertain times?


Find out as Tom V. Morris, one of the most active public philosophers in the world, brings the greatest wisdom of the past into the challenges of the present to help you live an extraordinary life!


Tom is best known to families as the national spokesman for Winnie the Pooh in Disney Home Videos. He is also the bestselling author of If Aristotle Ran General Motors, If Harry Potter Ran General Electric, and Philosophy for Dummies.

Tune in for a remarkable exploration of the ways in which the practical application of philosophy can transform your daily life.