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Lost Your Joy? How To Find Your Happy!

find your joy It’s time to reconnect with joy!
Sweetheart, listen up:
YOU belong. YOU are important. YOU touch the lives of people around you in ways you can’t begin to imagine.  YOU are a force for good, a node of Divine connectivity enriching our greater experience, and I LOVE YOU.

You and I are among the amazing souls showing up and caring deeply about ways to create alchemy in your lives…but we aren’t necessarily embodying this knowledge. Too many bright spirits are sharing a feeling of being profoundly isolated…like they just don’t belong anywhere in this world.

Today I’m taking a stand to help you reclaim your joy by connecting with your greatest physical ally:

Your Body.

Try this super simple process at least once a day for 3 minutes and I SWEAR this will make a difference.

If you’re really on a roll, set your phone to give you a gentle reminder mid-morning, mid-afternoon and early evening!

1) Stop.
The thousand things tugging at your attention can wait for 3 minutes.
Yes, they can.

2) Notice how your body feels.
Tight places, warm spaces, whatever tugs at your attention.
Tell the truth about this, at least to yourself, without judgement…as though you were inquiring about and honoring someone you love.

Ask your body what it needs

3) Choose one thing to nourish yourself.
Odds are there’s something extremely simple that will make a positive difference. Could you could use a drink of water or a bite of food?

Experiment with lengthening your spine and rolling your shoulders around and down to a more comfortable position.
Give yourself a quick hand rub or scalp massage.
It takes so little to help your body feel better almost instantly!

4) Appreciate yourself – and this is important – ESPECIALLY any part of your body you’ve been frustrated with.
No matter what challenges you have with your body, it is constantly working for you – 24/7 – and it responds extremely well to loving kindness.
Offer yourself messages of acceptance, love and appreciation – the very things you would tell someone you love! Sensing a theme? 😉

self loveAs you reconnect with the miracle that is your body, increased energy will begin to flow and you will connect more easily with the energies and people around you. And this, dear one, cannot help but open the pathways of joy to nourish you!

Want more joy? You’ve got it! Here are more blissful mind-body wellness strategies to empower your life.

With Love and Alchemy,

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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