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Do You Know Your Power and Purpose?

brianna-mcinery-podcastKnow your power and deep purpose while you soak up inspiration with relationship alchemist Brianna McInerny.

Plus, learn the keys to ManSpeak!  Brianna teaches us how to get what we want in our relationships with men, without nagging or chasing. She has worked tirelessly to crack the code of male anger, silence, and disconnection, in order to transform her own explosive relationship into her most stable love yet. On a mission to build a bridge between Mars and Venus, she’s sharing these alchemical secrets with the world. Tune in to discover ways to create fun, satisfying connections with the most masculine of men almost instantly.  Tease alert: read on to get a chance at a FREE gift session with this powerful woman!

Be amazed as you get clear on these essential points:

  • The top misconceptions about men – and what is true instead…
  • What we can do to feel more supported by our partners…
  • The MOST important thing to know about our relationships with men…
  • The biggest barriers to success…
  • What to DO to overcome obstacles!

Brianna McInerny shares all this and MORE.  She’s learned the ins and outs of personal growth through formal education and work experience, and through walking the talk to heal her own traumas. Now, she helps a unique mix of clients find a process that works for them, so they can get relief from the thoughts/fears/patterns that are holding them back, and communicate consistently to find the support and understanding they’re looking for. Brianna’s method combines mental health, skill-building, physical movement, and energy work, and her list of specialties is always growing. Follow her latest work at

know your power
Alchemy for You

NOW, Brianna is generously offering a FREE gift consultation to a limited number of our listeners!  You can choose one of these empowering, alchemical sessions:

  • Calm, Confident Manspeak Session, perfect for guiding you through tricky terrain with your man


  • Power and Purpose Strategy Session, designed to elevate you to your next level of success

All you need to do is simply write a quick email to  with Alchemy Podcast Free Gift Session Request in the subject line.  She’ll be delighted to get back to you and schedule an amazing experience guaranteed to help you feel better fast!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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