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Gratitude Musical Monday: Here Comes the Sun

How do you know EXACTLY when to help?

sunflowerPrecisely in the middle of the moment when I’m not (really, really not) perfectly balanced and blissfully peaceful with positive expectation of perfect outcomes all ’round?

Like, say, this morning.  A beloved friend is in the hospital under the knife. I realized I needed to reschedule part of my morning so I could keep breathing. I sent a letter to my first client to postpone for a day or two. Here’s how the Universe reminded me of what I needed to know:

First morning client wrote: “I’m fine, Christy.  You have given me lots of tools! Take care of your friend. XO”

Then this text came through: “Have you ever seen spirit rocks? You hold them under  a light for a few moments, then take them to a quiet, dark spot where you can watch it glow brightly.  The rocks are imbued with all sorts of good feelings, hopes, wishes and love.  Take a moment t0 remind yourself that the light within you is producing perfect results in every phase of your life now.  Let it remind you that you are a perfect child of God and that you have a Divine Purpose right here and right now. ”

So I did. And my body felt better.

Then I realized there was a passel of packages to mail which would require catching our rural mail carrier on our gravel road at precisely the right moment.  So I drove up, so did he, and all was remarkably well.

He brought me a much awaited package of blessed tea.  And a package containing sweet orange essential oil and other lovely gifts and shares from a client experiencing abundance in their life.

I felt deeply loved,  I could breathe, and the sun shone on my face and dried my tears.

And when I walked back up to my door with hands overflowing, an unexpected person opened the door for me with a smile, and I said Thank You.

Now I’m going into my office to love my clients some more.  But not before I write this for you.

Because you enrich my life. And this energy, in turn, helps me enrich the lives of other.

Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, with love, for you.

Thank you.

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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