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Inviting Aphrodite: The Heart And Soul of Growing More Beautiful


Did you catch the sumptuous writing in Jennifer Robin’s first guest post on the alchemy of growing more beautiful?

Jennifer is an alchemist, image consultant, makeup artist and fashion stylist and painter who is gifting us now with part two of her Growing More Beautiful series.

Read on to experience her alchemy with the evocative power of color!


Experience Yourself in Color

growing-more-beautiful-by-jennifer-robin-300x300Experiencing yourself in color is the heart and soul of Growing More Beautiful.

The miracle of color is your ability to not only think about how it looks, but to sense how it makes you feel. You were created the same way as the world around you, and developing a physical sense of being “in color” enhances your experience of yourself and ultimately your experience of being beautiful.

A professional color analysis is one of the most useful beauty tools you can obtain. It helps you choose colors that make you glow, and when you learn your “best red” the mysteries of make up and hair color are revealed. Your unique color palette is invaluable in helping to build an expressive wardrobe.

Even if you don’t avail yourself of this service, you can still engage in a dynamic relationship to color. You can grow more beautiful interacting with color in all forms; out in nature, looking at or taking photos, painting, collage, knitting, sewing and just looking at fabric. Interacting with color can even help you lose weight (see my blog Paint Your Way to Weight Loss). I offer lots of easy ways to engage in the “Try This” section at the end of each chapter of Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style.    ~Jennifer Robin

Part three is coming up next week with tantalizing tips for inviting Aphrodite into your life!


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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