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How To Heal Your Heart By Making Love To The Sun

heal your heartReady to heal your heart by making love to the sun?  (or….Why I sunbathed topless in 55 degree weather on Election Day )I have a confession to make today.

I voted by mail on November 3rd, and had a last minute client reschedule, so I was unexpectedly FREE during the afternoon of our U.S. Election Day.

I had an hour and a half before picking up the kids from the bus, and I felt the urge to DO SOMETHING with a chance of helping our country – and our world.

Watching the craziness mass media was showcasing was clearly not an option.
So I asked myself (as I’ve learned to do daily), “Honey, what do you want?”

The divine prompt arrived to embody the peace I wished to see. So I put on my coat and headed outdoors to meditate in my outdoor Sanctuary to the soothing sounds of the Kettle River.

I went deep and long into a space of healing while the eagles fished nearby.

And then the sun came out.
Which brought the temperature all the way up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 12 degrees Celsius). Any way you cut it, that’s pretty dang chilly.

Except THE SUN WAS OUT! It hadn’t been out in a very long time, and I needed to feel its embrace.
I threw off my coat and my shoes to let the warmth soak in more deeply.
I gave thanks to the energy of the earth and the power of the sun.
This felt so DELICIOUS, I had to extend the invitation.

I stripped off my shirt and socks and allowed my beloved sunbeams to soak into my skin while I continued to meditate.

make love to the sun
embrace nature in the beauty of your own skin

And in this way, my dear, I worshiped in the cathedral of the wild.
I was safely held and caressed by the life-giving powers around me.
I could feel my heart unfolding, opening, vibrating, EXPANDING into union with the divine.

And the overflowing gratitude that filled my body, mind and spirit has remained with me throughout the troubled days that have ensued.

You may wonder what to do – where to go – when your world is troubled. My advice to you is to go outside and BREATHE – and make a commitment to find the first patch of sunlight to welcome. Let it bless you as it shines upon your face and helps heal your heart. If you can do so naked, all the better!

Do tell!
Do tell!

Do YOU have a confession to share?

Have you ever felt the special blessing of worshipping outdoors?

I’d love to hear YOUR top alchemical strategies to heal your heart!

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I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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