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How To Make Friends With Your Gifted Rainforest Mind – Part Two


Join another Truth-Telling episode with Paula Prober on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast! Did YOU grow up as an unidentified gifted child? Do you have regular moments of guilt when you can’t seem to wrangle everything in your life? Imagine the relief you’ll feel as we gently and easily clear up misconceptions about your beautiful rainforest mind (or that of someone you love).

Let’s blow the lid off of preconceived notions about giftedness! There is a uniquely beautiful, complicated and enriching way of thinking and being that I bet you’ll relate to.

giftedDo you think of gifted and think of laser focused, linear, logical, high achieving people?  They may be gifted, but they are not owners of the rare and elusive rainforest mind as discussed in Part One of our miniseries.

Do you ever forget basic elements of daily life? Do you get accused of lacking common sense? Do you misplace items? Perhaps you regularly leave a trail of books and projects strewn about?

The rainforest mind is highly creative and often a natural daydreamer. When there are so many marvelous possibilities calling us in each moment, it’s hard to focus on just one!

Tune in to Part Two of Your Beautiful Rainforest Mind with alchemist Paula Prober so you can…

*Clear up misconceptions about your marvelous brain

*Recognize and honor your unique way of being in the world

*Discover the secret gravitational pull in the systems we live within

*Marvel that you are in good company…and learn to connect with kindred spirits

*Reduce daily stress

*Enjoy your life with greater ease

Once you listen, I know you’ll want more alchemy.  Give yourself the gift of Paula’s book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth, and head over to her outstanding website with support for “the excessively curious, creative, smart & sensitive!”

If you have 30 seconds, please leave a comment about which rainforest traits speak most strongly to you.  Your shares can help all of us honor our unique gifts!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

Comments (4)

  • Wonderous!!!! You two have both landed in my life at beautiful timing!! This is amazing information. Makes me happy to know that I’m not alone!!

    • Thank you, Alesha – it is an honor to be able to share in this way!

  • I love this and the podcast of you too! I am highly creative and sensitive and I could totally relate . I bought the book!
    Thank you ❤

    • It’s totally you! I’m glad you’re finding additional self-love in the process of learning more about your uniquely beautiful mind.


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