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Get In Touch With The Genius Of Being Genuine

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You embody genuine genius. 

Yes, you. 

Need proof?

Check out this definition from Mirriam-Webster: a peculiar, distinctive or identifying character of spirit; a personification or embodiment, especially of a quality or condition. 

That’s right.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you are overflowing with intellectual capacity – although that may absolutely be the case.

As we explore the letter “G” in our A to Z alchemy series, I want you breathe this in:

How many times have you hidden your peculiar, distinctive or identifying character of spirit?

Thousands?  More?

I know I have.  

It comes with the territory.

This is the day it stops.

Ready for more alchemy for adventurers?

Jeanette LeBlanc shares an amazing article about saying ENOUGH to hiding the genius that is you on Peace.Love.Free: You Are Not Too Much.

On being genuine, she writes: 

“And that, my dear, is bound to make some people crazy uncomfortable. It will make them pull back and push away. Because the way you dance with your shadows and your steadfast commitment to your light will push them into spaces that are fascinating and compelling and utterly terrifying. Your very being asks them to step into places they may not be near ready to visit, let alone stay.

Because like the depths of the ocean that calls you home, you will never be easy.

But darling, you were not brought here for easy. You are here for so much more.”

So I’ll go first. I’ll show you mine even if you don’t show me yours. This is from me, being genuine, risking and revealing who I am even to those who will pull back and push away.

I am an exercise in contradictions.

I love peace, but I love healthy transformation more.

I love people, but small talk drives me crazy.

I believe in fairies.  (They never drive me crazy!)

I am a tree hugging nature lover, and I get a natural high from target practicing at the firing range.  The satisfying “ting” when I hit the mark definitely brings tingles.

I am just as comfortable dressing up and reveling in being a woman as I am wearing my grubbies out fishing (as long as I’m sporting my lucky newsboy cap. The cap is important.).

Today I fished with an eagle for trout, so I know the loon calls each time the eagle lifts off from her branch.

I relish deep diving through the authentic pain of my client’s lives to create alchemy, and I crave being left totally alone to write unabashedly for as long as I can stand.

I tell my children to wear their jackets, and I love sunbathing in whatever blessed spring warmth I can find even when it’s only 58 degrees. (After all, if I catch the rays bouncing off a light colored building, it’s downright balmy!) Also, I run outside with them barefoot in the first snow of the year.

I’m a professional, and I get up regularly and dance inside the office to celebrate my client’s wins.  I also hug my clients, even though they teach us in school we’re not supposed to, because I LOVE them.

I love coming home after a long day and having two glasses of full-bodied red wine while restoring myself through 1940’s music. Wow, they sure knew how to sing!

I am absolutely dedicated to good health, and I would smoke cherry pipe tobacco from time to time if my throat and lungs could bear it.

I am disciplined about maintaining healthy boundaries, and I am naturally empathic – sometimes overwhelmingly so.

I am not afraid to dive deeper into the psyche than most people will ever be willing to go, and I am optimistic. I can wake up on a morning without enough sleep, with a child with mononucleosis and a husband in need of a hip replacement, and I will be freaking GRATEFUL that I get to rise and see clients who want to change their lives, and who trust me to guide them on their journeys.

There is so much more, but it’s a start.

If you need a dose of genius to inspire your own journey in being genuine, check out my favorite author, Liz Gilbert, masterfully speaking on your elusive creative genius:

[ted id=453]


Now do you believe that you are endowed with genuine genius? Choose to give yourself the boon of being genuine and celebrate your inner alchemist.  And if you choose to share it with me, I’ll do a celebratory dance just for you! 

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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