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Inviting Aphrodite: Embrace Your Authentic Beauty Now


Alchemist and guest blogger Jennifer Robin gifts with this final installment of her exclusive Growing More Beautiful series.  Read on to enrich your life now!

As we grow older, our relationship to our appearance becomes both more challenging and more interesting. Our choices become more pronounced. Being aware of the passage of time heightens our relationship to the present. You need to continue to ask yourself: What is authentically beautiful to me? What do I value? What is a realistic use of my time and resources? Beauty is always about making choices, and aging puts those choices into sharper relief.

As our bodies mature, shape and fit become even more important. Just when women need to see themselves clearly, they often turn away from the mirror, afraid of looking closely for fear of seeing something they won’t like. Learning to see what is flattering on you in mid-life will help you step into your hard-earned maturity. Or show off your new-found immaturity!


My inner babe is alive and kicking, and I am taking advantage of it by enjoying my mid-life sexiness. I don’t squelch my impulses or let opportunities pass me by, and I never consider myself too old to try something new. It is amazing how you begin to appreciate aspects of your appearance you once took for granted. I disliked my curly hair as a teen and resented it turning grey prematurely, but now my thick, wavy silver locks are my favorite feature.

Now is the time to find the glow that comes from your passion, authenticity and love of color. Being true to your choices will help like-minded people find you more easily. And isn’t being seen for who we are what we most desire?

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I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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