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Need some transformation in your life? You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to my roundup of inspiring alchemical writers to encourage connection with your truest self.

First up is Anna Kunnecke of Declare Dominion with her beautifully phrased (and dear to my heart!) post: In which I flunk Calendar 101…

It turns out that leaving some wide open spaces in your life is the key to living graciously.

I have mastered this in my physical space. I really have. And it’s kind of a miracle, because as a kid I had a room that was SO MESSY and SO DISGUSTING that I actually used to have a recurring dream that it had magically been cleaned. So if you think that you’re too far gone, I promise, there’s hope for you too.

But mastering white space in my calendar? This is a constant work in progress. In fact, you could say that I totally failed Calendar Management 101 this week.

Here’s how you can tell: there was that day when I looked at my calendar and started to cry…check out her solutions here.

Next up is powerhouse Alison Nappi, creator of Write with Spirit: You Don’t Need to be Rescued…

No one is coming to save you, but it is not because you are unloved. To the contrary: You are so revered, so adored, so magnificent, that to send to you a savior would be to destroy your opportunity to become what you are in truth, to realize yourself fully, in the glory of your divine humanity….

No one is coming to save you because you are the hero, the heroine who has come to free up life here. Yours must come first. There is no other way.  So much goddessness to catch here…

Today’s final bit of beauty is Joni Maher of Revolutionary Heart as posted on Rebelle Society with 4 Ways of Daring to Reclaim your Spark:

What if your act of daring was no longer settling or staying on script? Or diverging from a lifelong habit of deferring, being agreeable, and playing nice?

Suppose the next time you are on the receiving end of the full court press and you feel ready to cave even though everything inside you screams, “No, I just can’t do it!” you cue the movie music in your head, envision your swaggering badass persona,  adopt a bold but casual stance and simply respond, “I couldn’t possibly agree to that” as you spin on your heel and stroll away.

I can assure you that the thrill and exhilaration you would feel at honoring that voice inside by speaking your truth would so far surpass the strokes and kudos you get from remaining an agreeable good girl….We dare you! 

Yummmm – don’t you feel better already? Now go out and claim your sacred space in the world with the beautiful heart I know is shining inside you!

And remember to pass on to me favorite alchemical writings that inspire you for inclusion in an upcoming roundup!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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