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Confessions of an Alchemist ~ What I REALLY Do

LoveHello Beautiful,

Here are confessions of an alchemist….PLUS, I have placed a gift here for you.  It is waiting at the bottom of this love letter…

A gifted woman asked me a powerful question this week:

What’s the difference between your life coaching and mental health counseling? And I responded with the standard (BORING) party lines: counseling tends to be more about healing the past while coaching is focused on present choices and strategies to create positive change.

Except that I do both. I have the equivalent of a giant rolling Craftsman toolkit chock-full of techniques to generate alchemy.

So I dove deeper. Uncomfortably deep, in fact.

And here is what I realized (umm, yep, 21 years after grad school): working strictly as a mental health counselor is like working with shackles on.

Why? Because an ENORMOUS part of my alchemy involves communication with the subtle energies that surround us. I have seen, felt, and YES, heard these energies since childhood.

In the counseling biz, there are rules about this sort of thing. This type of phenomena is considered clinically diagnosable. Because they’re hallucinations, right?


confessions of an alchemistDear One, this is the air I breathe.

To work with another human being without communicating with these energies would be like cutting off a limb.

The information I receive in this way is ALWAYS helpful. It is, in fact, the most USEFUL information I can rely on. It creates the quickest change at the deepest levels.

Judge the tree by the fruit it bears, right?


Take a look at what playing it safe (and small) means in a typical counseling session…..If I notice an energy of darkness that appears to be attached to a client, causing them pain, do I get to say so?

Nope. Not if I want to stay in good graces with the Counseling Board and keep my license.

I will diplomatically ask something like “Tell me about how your head feels…” (if it’s next to their head, of course!) and look for ways to explore what’s occurring within an “acceptable” mental health framework. I will use “guided imagery” to assist with releasing whatever’s stuck.  And it will definitely be effective.

They will feel better by the time they leave.  But it’s not as efficient.  Not as honest.  And not as much fun!

Because, Dearheart, when I get to be right up front with what I see going on with a client, we get to the juicy stuff and alchemize the energies in the best possible ways.

heartI LOVE this work. My heart jumps for joy every time I get to be of service in this soul-satisfying zone.

So today I am outing myself with my confessions of an alchemist.

Here is my sacred commitment: From this day forward, I am limiting the number of counseling clients I accept in order to open up more spaces for deep-diving, no-holds-barred, bring-on-the-full-truth Alchemy Sessions.

Want the real thing?

Here’s your chance:
I’m offering the perfect opportunity for you to find out what I REALLY do!  I’m holding an alchemical drawing to gift TWO of my readers EACH MONTH with an intimate, 75-minute Alchemy Session.  (Heads up! That means my premiere giveaway is coming right up on Wednesday, June 15th!)

alchemy bowlEntering is simple!
Leave a comment on this post right away and/OR email me at  – before you chicken out. Tell me where you are in the world and the single biggest area of your life you are ready to alchemize.

Here’s what will happen as soon as I receive your request:
I’ll hand-write your name, location and heart’s desire with my purple fountain pen. I’ll place your entry into a large, beautifully hand-carved maple bowl, take a photo and email it to you so you know your entry is received and appreciated.  Rest assured that I will hold your entry in a space of alchemical prayer until the 15th of each month, guaranteed to help draw positive energy to transform your life!  The morning of the 15th, I will close my eyes, place the bowl high above my head and choose two names to partner up with.

I’d love for you to be one of them!

With Love and Alchemy,

P.S. The gifted woman who inspired this clarity is Amy Jones of – guaranteed to be inspiring!

P.P.S. If you’re still reading and not scared off by my true confessions of an alchemist, you may be ready to nourish your own wellness.  If so, join our thriving, FREE private Facebook group – Inviting Aphrodite: The Alchemy of Self-Love & Soul Nourishment – to connect with women from around the world who deeply care about supporting each other in creating space for our inner Goddesses to SHINE!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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  • I don’t know if you can hear my “YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!” from two states away, but I am YAYYYYYYYYY-ing you, my Alchemist! FUCK YES! This is what you were born to do. I’m so proud and inspired by your courage. This is so exciting! xoxo

    • I hear you loud and clear! Not even blushing! Just a huge **GRIN** 🙂

  • Doesn’t it work on guys?

    • Hey Jim! Of COURSE this works for guys – especially men who appreciate Goddess energy – but it’s true only women are allowed in our Inviting Aphrodite Group to make sure everyone feels safe to participate fully. Thanks for being one of the good ones!

  • Christy you are such a beautiful being! I L❤️VE this authenticity! Your gifts come through even when you are working around the red tape. I love that you are embarking on this journey!

    • THANK YOU, Janee! Feeling proud and happy and tingly!

  • ❤️


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