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Prenatal and Postpartum Childbirth Counseling

Childbirth Counseling with Dr. Gayle Peterson

Pregnant woman showing her belly with flowers

Have you gone through the amazing process of childbirth?

Or, are you preparing to give birth for the first time?

Get ready to empower your life by joining Dr. Gayle Peterson and Christy Harvey, the Mommy Muse, as they discuss Dr. Gayle’s groundbreaking prenatal and postpartum birth counseling program! Discover how to gain strength, create a healthier family and improve your life with Dr. Gayle’s powerful tools.

More about Dr. Gayle’s Childbirth Preparation and Postpartum Program

Pregnancy is an emotional and psychological as well as physiological transformation. Your own past birth and childbirth experience and your concerns about becoming a mother for the first time, or adding another child to your family, can influence your ability to relax during labor and delivery. Medical research has shown that addressing pertinent concerns related to your emotional experience of family relationships and childbirth during your pregnancy contributes to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

This program consists of 4 counseling sessions in the Peterson method to address emotional changes of this period in a woman’s life and realistically prepare for labor. The Peterson method utilizes a body-centered approach for actively coping with labor, and light hypnosis and active visualization for imprinting the body with the sensation of labor. Personalized suggestions that resolve your particular concerns are an important part of the individualized preparation.

Birth is a significant experience in family life and in a woman’s development. Research shows that how a woman experiences childbirth impacts her feelings of self-esteem and confidence as a mother. Women need and deserve emotional support services during pregnancy and the early years of mothering.

Expressing your needs is the first step to finding your own answers. Your emotional health and well-being are primary factors in a healthy delivery and postpartum experience.

Dr. Gayle Peterson is available for individual, couple or family appointments at: (530) 346-2534 or (510) 594-6801. Phone consultations of 1-3 sessions are also available for those outside of the area. E-mail Dr. Gayle for phone consultation.

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