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How I Learned To Trust At The Speed Of Love

Driving Down the Road:driving,drive,car,speed,speeding,travel,driver,sun,summer,adventure,destination,road,highway,curved road,curve,light,asphalt,vehicle,auto,motion,in motion,fast,movement,accelerate,acceleration,transport,transportation,fun,enjoy,machine,moren,racing,traffic,street,blurred,blur,steering,hand,sun rays,sunshine,sunset,horizontal

My only warning was the sudden click of the doors unlocking themselves.

I briefly wondered WHY such a thing would happen before it donned on me.

I had lost control of my car.

Rather a heavy car….at twilight…on an unlit highway…12 miles from the nearest cell service…going 60 miles an hour.

Thoughts ran through my mind about what the bleep to do.

Wisdom Flashbacks

Releasing the Bonds of Shame

“Look, Christy, here’s how the other half lives!” My friend marveled at the beautiful homes, not realizing I used to live there…

I find myself in a potentially paralyzing predicament. Those of you who read Life Saving Words from My 7 Year Old (Whose Birth Triggered My PPD) know what I’m talking about. After spending my life gladly helping others through tough times, I am trying to figure out how to take care of my family of 4 with $400 and no paycheck in sight.

Knowing that I have co-created this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I alternate between feeling empowered to change my world and feeling stifled by shame.

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A Mommy Muse Should Know Better

Mom-concierge-200x300You’d think I would know better. My youngest daughter was bouncing around, climbing my leg and being a naturally distracting (if adorable) three-year-old. Looking back, I recall a blessed moment of quiet when she discovered my wallet sitting on my desk. I remember thinking, “I’d better take that away before something gets lost,” and even reached out to take the new “toy” out of her hands. But those big blue eyes looked up at me beseechingly, and I let her keep the credit card she had plucked from my wallet clutched in her hands.