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The Art of Allowing

I am courageously leaping forth into embracing my inner painter ‐ and I invite YOU to do the same. My friend, painter extraordinaire, Flora Aube, is offering THIS amazing course!

“The Art of Allowing” e‐course

A virtual painting retreat for women facing their Wisdom Voice

7 week course starting May 12th, 2014


Empowering the rise of the feminine soul through Creativity

WE are on the journey of becoming, and the most graceful way through is to learn the art of Allowing; deeply listening for when to move and when to be still, when to charge against the edges and when to sit in our breath. It is cultivating the wisdom of relationship with the Great Mystery and serving as a midwife to the birth of Beauty in our lives and on our planet. This is the high art of embodying the Priestess within, empowered with full access to our divine gifts of Creativity.

This is a spirit‐filled path of painting, of expressing outside the lines, and accessing deep wisdom. We are utilizing paint as a portal to our soul. How we move through the painting process IS the course. Staying present to our experience is our practice, as we allow our muse to tell our story in ways we could not hear before.

~ Easy to follow, powerful instructions in how to paint the divine feminine
~ Gentle guidance and support in deepening your intuition, & artistic Voice
~ Sacred sharing of space to witness the wisdom arising from your soul & others
~ The magic of holding art as a mirror and powerful teacher of transformation
~ New ways of relating to your critic’s voice so it can relax and give up control
~ Uncensored permission to play, engage, and celebrate your creative Self
~ Open the door to Beauty, step into transparency, and reclaim your Worth

In this online sanctuary, we witness each other’s truth, and hold it sacred. We are midwifing our unique creative Voice. This course is a combination of instruction as well as plenty of space and freedom to allow your own style to emerge. Energetically, you will learn how to paint the divine feminine. Technically you will learn how to paint a woman’s face. But the real learning is what you will discover along the way.

The art of Allowing will be our riverbank, holding intention for the flow of Aliveness to continually move through us.

The art of Allowing will guide us with Grace when the voice of the critic comes to visit.

The art of Allowing will remind us to be gentle with ourselves as we live in beginner’s mind and embrace the unknown and mysterious ways of the sacred creative path.

The art of Allowing gives us permission to participate boldly or to privately retreat, without judgment or doubting what we are up to.

The art of Allowing creates spaciousness to move in accordance with our own perspective of beauty, and to graciously give others room to move in accordance with theirs.

Go to to learn more details, including dates and tuition. I hope to see you there!

chamelis-painting-300x194“A painting day with Flora was the perfect gift for a small group of dear friends and colleague’s, and myself. We were all challenged and awed by the depth of the journey Flora guided us through, and we ended up creating art beyond our wildest imagination. Flora’s loving teaching style kept us rooted in our souls vision at the same time as we developed the skills to make it into an actual painting. A life changing experience. I bow.”

~ Chameli Ardagh, Founder of

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Top Talent Thursday: Loving Yourself Deliciously with Anna Kunnecke

Loving Yourself Deliciously with Anna Kunnecke

image2My jaw dropped about five minutes into my first teleclass with Anna Kunnecke. Hearing her voice was like listening to myself, but a me who knew a heck of a lot more than I did in areas in areas that needed expert Queen Sweeping. Pouring myself into her courses has been one of the most powerful choices I’ve made.

In honor of my newest page on The Alchemist’s Heart , I am posting Anna’s Valentine’s Day thought provoking article on loving yourself deliciously 🙂 Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day is better now that I’m single

Nothing’s worse than a bad Valentine’s Day. The cheap heart-shaped chocolates, the red polyester negligee…and the eager expectation of what’s going to happen next. We’ve all been there.

So if you’re single, breathe a sigh of relief with me. It’s so fantastic to be single on Valentine’s Day!

Right? Riiiight???

I hear a lot of silent blinking. Let’s back up, because if you’re single you’re used to wading through an unbelievable amount of psychobabble bullshit.

On the one hand, we’re all regaled with stories of how the perfect mate will drop out of the sky ‘as soon as you stop looking for it and you’re fine on your own.’ On the other hand, we’re told to make room in our lives for someone else; to leave room in our bed, to dress like we could meet our soulmate at any moment, and to stay ‘open.’ In other words: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

This is irritating to be sure, but I’ll take this conundrum any day over some of the disastrous Valentine’s Days I’ve lived through. Let’s see, there was the episode of the grocery store roses still in the plastic wrapping; the romantic dinner I cooked…then cleaned up by myself; and the drugstore necklace with the price tag still on it. (Note: no exes were harmed in the making of this article. Naturally, those are purely hypothetical examples.)

I’m single now: exceedingly, gloriously single. I’m a single parent, I’m not interested in dating, and there hasn’t been any romantic or sexual love in my life for many years. I am well and truly safe from the scourge of the scratchy skanky lingerie.

This piece was originally published in The Huffington Post. To read the rest and find out how to make yourself swoon, single or not, click here! Sneak peek: I’m hands-down the best lover I’ve ever had.

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Top Talent Thursday with Colleen Raine

Alchemy in Action

image-200x300Prepare to fall in love with Tamerlane on Top Talent Thursday! I have been joyfully anticipating posting this today. Blessings to Colleen Raine for sharing this authentic story of Alchemy in Action. Love, C

“Tamerlane came into our lives when we needed her most. She was broken and we were lost. A kind woman told me during a particularly bad academic year for my daughter that she needed something in her life that had nothing to do with school or academics. She needed success on her own terms. And so she chose horses and fell in love with a beautiful bay mare Tamerlane, a champion show jumper that had been injured and pretty much left in her stable to recover.

A show jumper with a broken knee is not worth anything, financially speaking, so days went by without any intervention until my daughter Jasmin found her. Jasmin was thirteen at the time and continued to ask around until she found a grown up to tell her how to fix Tamerlane. And so, the rehabilitation began. Jasmin spent weeks and months massaging her knee, working with her and walking her slowly and then finally she was able to ride on her back. Jasmin restored Tamerlane’s knee and Tamerlane restored Jasmin¹s faith and courage. Tamerlane restored Jasmin’s soul.