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14: The Magic of Self-Love and Alchemy for Divorce and Breakups

Kate-and-Cindy-300x300Discover alchemy for divorce and breakups with the magic of two amazing guests with a passion for helping women love themselves!

Cindy Holbrook, The Compassionate Divorce Coach and Kate Galt, The Breakup Expert share powerful tips on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast to help you make wise choices and rebuild your life with less stress, more confidence and greater clarity!

Join our conversation chock-full of alchemy and start to feel better fast….

  • Understand why people stay in unfulfilling relationships
  • Know what makes the BIGGEST difference in creating a healthy life
  • Learn how to find forgiveness with the ACE technique
  • Discover powerful ways to get clear on who you are as distinct from who other people have told you to be
  • Start loving yourself today!

kate-galt-Let yourself be guided into achieving more fulfilling relationships with less drama so you can claim the life you are meant to live.  Whether you need alchemy for divorce, self-love tips after breakups or simply a way to regenerate your life force, I know your inner Goddess will LOVE this energizing conversation!

As you begin to imagine yourself free from a painful relationship, you’ll see yourself thriving in a way you never dreamed possible.  So stop feeling exhausted and reclaim the life you love by hopping over to Kate Galt’s website for some breakup mojo.  As she says, “People change. The problem is, they don’t always change together.”  If you know deep down inside that life is too short and it’s time to take action, watch her free video and download ‘Your Big Why’ to get your life in gear!

And if you are looking for proven tips and techniques to recover from the grief of divorce in record time, move forward with peace, clarity and confidence, and you resonate with the following statements, you’ll definitely want to visit

Vintage still life. Vintage compass lies on an ancient world map in 1565.
Vintage still life. Vintage compass lies on an ancient world map in 1565.

Cindy Holbrook’s site for her free divorce recovery compass: 

  • I am ready to take action to heal this pain and feel like myself again
  • I am open to new solutions and willing to take the steps to make it happen
  • I want to learn more about who I am as an individual and trust myself
  • I want to know that the next chapter in my life will be amazing

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11: How To Go From Hell To Happy In 9 Minutes A Day


Want to know how to go from hell to happy in 9 minutes a day? Inspire your life with alchemist Dina Proctor’s powerful story of moving from suicidal addiction to a life of happiness beyond her imagining!

This amazing woman is the creatrix of 3 x 3 meditations and author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went from Hell to Happy in 9 Minutes a Day. Toward the end of 2008 she hit an emotional rock bottom and struggled with alcohol addiction, food issues and suicidal depression. She felt as though she’d tried everything to fix herself, yet nothing had worked.

Today, Dina is sharing her simple, practical method for discovering consistent happiness. Who doesn’t want more of THAT?

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10: Write Your Truth with Stella Orange

stella-orange-v2 Ready to write your truth? Discover how to develop clarity, confidence and effectiveness with the written word while profoundly transforming your life to include greater peace, presence and well-being.

Join this brilliant conversation with writing alchemist Stella Orange, guaranteed to spark your creative juices! Stella is the founder and director of, an agency that helps people doing good work get their writing projects done faster, bolder and more profitably.

As a teacher, Stella shows her students how to nail their money-making message and find their voice so they move their audience to action with a quirky, human touch. She is the creator and leader Write Club, a global skill development and online writing group for business owners, which happens to be something that helps bring the very best I have inside me… to YOU.

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#9: Love Your Truth and Live Your Purpose Today with Natalie Reese

natalie-reese-1-288x300Discover surprising ways to bring more ease, grace and joy into your life today in this episode of The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast with alchemist Natalie Reese.

Natalie is the founder of NADUPOR Consulting, a holistic sanctuary for healers, change makers, artists and leaders who want to live the fullest expression of our truth. She uses a powerful combination of academic research, practical tools and intuitive gifts to get her clients where they want to go, and today she shares expert insights into how to love your truth and live your purpose!

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#8: Heal Your Money Relationships Now with Bari Tessler Linden

Bari-Tessler-Linden-v2-278x300How would you like to radically change your money conversations to include sacredness, playfulness and sexiness?

Today on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast, the marvelous Bari Tessler Linden, joins us to bring healing, awareness and un-shaming to your money relationships.

Bari is a Financial Therapist, Mama-preneur and founder of The Art of Money. She has
guided thousands of people to new, more loving and refreshingly honest relationships with money, and now she’s sharing her wisdom with us on The Alchemist’s Heart!

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#7: The Surprising Alchemy Of Connecting With Your Genius

Are youConnect-with-your-genius-300x200 ready for the alchemy of connecting with your genius and finding your flow?  I’ll show you how! Discover the surprising secret of tapping into the ultimate positive psychology resource, including the most important trait that allows you to access your hidden “gold” on this episode of The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast. 

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#5: Sexy Sacred Sensual You with Michelle Alva

Michelle-Alva-podcast-1-300x300Prepare to explore true sexiness, awaken your inner healer, clear out trauma and reconnect with your authentic self in this power hour on inviting Aphrodite energy – the alchemy of self-love and soul nourishment – on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast!

Join soul connector, holistic physical therapist and intuitive healer, Michelle Alva as she unites modern movement science with ancient wisdom to create easy, effective and FUN ways to feel fulfilled, empowered and connected to our body-mind-soul!

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#4: Awakening the Goddess Within with Dr. Mary Pritchard

Dr.-Mary-Pritchard-Blog-post-272x300Are you ready to reconnect with your Inner Goddess, step through your perceived fears and embrace the truth of who you really are?  Now you can learn the secrets to tapping into your full feminine power on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast!

Join up with psychologist and Body Love Expert Dr. Mary Pritchard, international bestselling author and founder of the Awakening the Goddess Within virtual community as we share ways to help heal our relationships with food, our bodies and our authentic selves!