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The Top 10 Things New Dads Need to Know

You Are So Much More Than a Sperm Donor:

The Top 10 Things New Dads Need to Knownew-dads-300x198

1. Becoming a good lover takes time. So does becoming a good father. Donating sperm may have been easy, but fatherhood can be a lot more rewarding. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.

2. Diaper duty earns big points. So does feeding, rocking, and bathing your baby. Any hands-on fathering will be a big help to your partner and your baby.

3. Your wife will be herself again. Yes, she is probably on duty 24 hours a day with baby on the brain. No, she probably isn’t much fun right now. But life will return to normal as the three of you adjust to your new situation, and the alchemy of your presence can help this process tremendously.

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Guest Blogger Pam Ballo on Vaccines: The Next Generation

Ready for a fresh perspective on vaccines every mom can use? Thrive-Living-285x300

Life-alignment, energy-generating life coach Pam Ballo of is here to help as guest blogger.  Stop by her website and let her know you love this as much as I do!

Vaccines: The Next Generation

Want to get a room full of new parents engaged, alert and potentially throwing organic, GMO-free, brown rice-based crackers in a matter of seconds? Want to see how quickly you can wake up a bunch of sleepy new moms?  Maybe just want to liven up a boring dinner party? All you have to do is confidently announce your heartfelt position on vaccines. The room is guaranteed to light up and if there are syringes available (and if there are, what the heck kind of dinner parties do you go to anyway?) protect your forearms – you just never know.

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A Mommy Muse Should Know Better

Mom-concierge-200x300You’d think I would know better. My youngest daughter was bouncing around, climbing my leg and being a naturally distracting (if adorable) three-year-old. Looking back, I recall a blessed moment of quiet when she discovered my wallet sitting on my desk. I remember thinking, “I’d better take that away before something gets lost,” and even reached out to take the new “toy” out of her hands. But those big blue eyes looked up at me beseechingly, and I let her keep the credit card she had plucked from my wallet clutched in her hands.