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Guest Bloggers Inviting Aphrodite The Alchemist's Heart

Inviting Aphrodite: Embrace Your Authentic Beauty Now


Alchemist and guest blogger Jennifer Robin gifts with this final installment of her exclusive Growing More Beautiful series.  Read on to enrich your life now!

As we grow older, our relationship to our appearance becomes both more challenging and more interesting. Our choices become more pronounced. Being aware of the passage of time heightens our relationship to the present. You need to continue to ask yourself: What is authentically beautiful to me? What do I value? What is a realistic use of my time and resources? Beauty is always about making choices, and aging puts those choices into sharper relief.

Guest Bloggers Inviting Aphrodite The Alchemist's Heart

Inviting Aphrodite: The Heart And Soul of Growing More Beautiful


Did you catch the sumptuous writing in Jennifer Robin’s first guest post on the alchemy of growing more beautiful?

Jennifer is an alchemist, image consultant, makeup artist and fashion stylist and painter who is gifting us now with part two of her Growing More Beautiful series.

Read on to experience her alchemy with the evocative power of color!


Guest Bloggers Inviting Aphrodite The Alchemist's Heart

Inviting Aphrodite: The Alchemy Of Growing More Beautiful

growing-more-beautiful-300x225This proven method of inviting Aphrodite by connecting with your inner Goddess is available to you now!

I am delighted to have discovered alchemist Jennifer Robin and her gorgeous (really & truly!) award winning book, Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style.  Her earlier writing, Clothe Your Spirit: Dressing for Self Expression, launched a twenty-five year career as an image consultant, makeup artist and fashion stylist. Recognized for her innovative use of color and design, she is also a gifted visual artist and exhibiting painter. Jennifer combines her consultant’s expertise with her artist’s understanding that an authentic inner life is a deep, rich source of beauty.

Here is the first of the three-part series Jennifer has generously written exclusively for us!

Guest Bloggers The Alchemist's Heart

Alchemical Organizing: 4 Steps to Loving your Space Again

I have a treat for you today with alchemy from guest blogger and organizing expert Melody Granger.  I warn you that she is infectiously enthusiastic, and can make even the stickiest spots smooth into graciousness.  So if you don’t want to make things better, don’t read this!

Neglected Your Space Lately? 4 Organizing Steps to Help You Fall Back in Love 

It’s so easy to put off doing the things around your home that would make your life more pleasant and your home easier to keep tidy and clean on a daily basis.

However, when you spend more time doing for others than for yourself, the signs of neglect in your space are likely to appear.

Neglect can be such a harsh word! But, a wonderful lady I worked with said to me, “I have neglected my space, that’s why these areas have piled up and gotten out of control.”  I knew there was more going on than pure neglect, but her words really struck a chord in me.

This is the first time I have ever talked about it openly since that day, years ago, because I want nothing less than the BEST, easiest life for you.

To neglect something is to fail to pay attention to, take proper care of, or basically ignore (something or someone). Neglect is often referred to in situations of abuse, like neglecting to care for a child’s basic needs, or neglecting to care for animals, or neglecting to care for the elderly properly. However, when you neglect to care for your environment, you may be subtly neglecting (or abusing) yourself.

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Guest Blogger Pam Ballo on Vaccines: The Next Generation

Ready for a fresh perspective on vaccines every mom can use? Thrive-Living-285x300

Life-alignment, energy-generating life coach Pam Ballo of is here to help as guest blogger.  Stop by her website and let her know you love this as much as I do!

Vaccines: The Next Generation

Want to get a room full of new parents engaged, alert and potentially throwing organic, GMO-free, brown rice-based crackers in a matter of seconds? Want to see how quickly you can wake up a bunch of sleepy new moms?  Maybe just want to liven up a boring dinner party? All you have to do is confidently announce your heartfelt position on vaccines. The room is guaranteed to light up and if there are syringes available (and if there are, what the heck kind of dinner parties do you go to anyway?) protect your forearms – you just never know.

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Top Talent Thursday: Loving Yourself Deliciously with Anna Kunnecke

Loving Yourself Deliciously with Anna Kunnecke

image2My jaw dropped about five minutes into my first teleclass with Anna Kunnecke. Hearing her voice was like listening to myself, but a me who knew a heck of a lot more than I did in areas in areas that needed expert Queen Sweeping. Pouring myself into her courses has been one of the most powerful choices I’ve made.

In honor of my newest page on The Alchemist’s Heart , I am posting Anna’s Valentine’s Day thought provoking article on loving yourself deliciously 🙂 Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day is better now that I’m single

Nothing’s worse than a bad Valentine’s Day. The cheap heart-shaped chocolates, the red polyester negligee…and the eager expectation of what’s going to happen next. We’ve all been there.

So if you’re single, breathe a sigh of relief with me. It’s so fantastic to be single on Valentine’s Day!

Right? Riiiight???

I hear a lot of silent blinking. Let’s back up, because if you’re single you’re used to wading through an unbelievable amount of psychobabble bullshit.

On the one hand, we’re all regaled with stories of how the perfect mate will drop out of the sky ‘as soon as you stop looking for it and you’re fine on your own.’ On the other hand, we’re told to make room in our lives for someone else; to leave room in our bed, to dress like we could meet our soulmate at any moment, and to stay ‘open.’ In other words: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

This is irritating to be sure, but I’ll take this conundrum any day over some of the disastrous Valentine’s Days I’ve lived through. Let’s see, there was the episode of the grocery store roses still in the plastic wrapping; the romantic dinner I cooked…then cleaned up by myself; and the drugstore necklace with the price tag still on it. (Note: no exes were harmed in the making of this article. Naturally, those are purely hypothetical examples.)

I’m single now: exceedingly, gloriously single. I’m a single parent, I’m not interested in dating, and there hasn’t been any romantic or sexual love in my life for many years. I am well and truly safe from the scourge of the scratchy skanky lingerie.

This piece was originally published in The Huffington Post. To read the rest and find out how to make yourself swoon, single or not, click here! Sneak peek: I’m hands-down the best lover I’ve ever had.

Guest Bloggers The Alchemist's Heart Top Talent

Top Talent Thursday with Colleen Raine

Alchemy in Action

image-200x300Prepare to fall in love with Tamerlane on Top Talent Thursday! I have been joyfully anticipating posting this today. Blessings to Colleen Raine for sharing this authentic story of Alchemy in Action. Love, C

“Tamerlane came into our lives when we needed her most. She was broken and we were lost. A kind woman told me during a particularly bad academic year for my daughter that she needed something in her life that had nothing to do with school or academics. She needed success on her own terms. And so she chose horses and fell in love with a beautiful bay mare Tamerlane, a champion show jumper that had been injured and pretty much left in her stable to recover.

A show jumper with a broken knee is not worth anything, financially speaking, so days went by without any intervention until my daughter Jasmin found her. Jasmin was thirteen at the time and continued to ask around until she found a grown up to tell her how to fix Tamerlane. And so, the rehabilitation began. Jasmin spent weeks and months massaging her knee, working with her and walking her slowly and then finally she was able to ride on her back. Jasmin restored Tamerlane’s knee and Tamerlane restored Jasmin¹s faith and courage. Tamerlane restored Jasmin’s soul.

Guest Bloggers The Alchemist's Heart

The Artistry of Flora Aube: Creativity

Flora Aube, Guest Blogger

I am in LOVE with the artistry of Flora Aube, and absolutely delighted she has agreed to share on The Alchemist’s Heart as a guest blogger.  *Super Cool!*

Here is the blessing I’m sending home with all my creative clients this week:

Wild-Beauty-002-300x222Do you want to know the hardest thing about taking up a creative life?

It’s not the hours of practice,
fighting with your inner critic,
feeling disappointed when you can’t get the image to match your expectations,

It’s not setting aside the time,
justifying the space it takes up in your home,
or the way the laundry gets delayed.

It’s not even the initial embarrassment of showing your work to others
risking judgment or being subjected to unsolicited criticism,

Nor the lack of funds you have available to purchase really good paints and brushes,
or how you desperately want to afford that class or mentor that will
help you get to your next level, but have to wait another month.

No, it’s none of that.

The hardest thing about taking up a creative life is the Joy you feel.

You see, it’s like falling in love….everything else disappears and you become enthralled with
the moment to moment magic that is unfolding right in front of you.

Suddenly you are experiencing immense pleasure…a depth of pleasure that you have not felt in a VERY long time….

It’s a big deal.

It’s like realizing there is a hidden room in your heart that you have never entered.
It is an intuitive knowing that once you enter,
You will have access to the wilderness and mystery of your soul.

Like love,

you have to create an opening and a willingness to ALLOW creativity

to take up residence in you,

And once you do,

A river of beauty will rush through you,

And you will feel Alive in a way that will surprise you,

And for some women who thought they would never feel their vitality again,

Tears will fall….

Joy…. Love…. Space…. Beauty….

They dance at the center of the heart.