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How to Feel Better Now with Your Inner Alchemist

keys to feel better nowFeel better now! Discover secrets to connecting with your inner alchemist with this love letter:

Hello My Love, do you want to feel better? This is for you!

It’s been a challenging week around here…maybe for you as well?
I’ve had to throw dearly held plans right out the window in order to make wise decisions. I know I’m not the only one.

Maybe you have a situation right now (or two…or three…) which requires some uncomfortable piloting.

I’ll tell you straight up – adjustments on the fly are NOT my idea of a good time. I’m a huge fan of having a darn good idea about what’s going to happen. Especially when it’s something I’ve worked for. Delightful surprises are most welcome, of course, but not the sucky variety!

Thankfully, I know there are gifts hidden within the…well…sucky parts.
I also know paying attention to a few keys will unlock magic within your life and help you feel better fast.

Here’s the deal.
You have within you an inner alchemist.
It’s true. We all do!

Feel-It-Work The Alchemist's Heart

Your Feel‐It‐Work Friday Assignment

The Beauty of Feeling Another’s Soul

enfolded-300x265A marvelous feeling washed through me as I attempted to sleep. My brain had not quieted after working with a person late into the evening. My mind’s eye briefly wandered through a number of my client’s lives, seeking guidance about their state of affairs and noticing where harmony prevailed.

A young couple entered my vision, one who, as you might expect, had come to me during a conflictual time in their lives. As I beheld them, I was surprised to experience a warm glow spinning through my body. A large grin overtook my face right there in the silent darkness of my room. I quite literally could not wipe that smile off my face, not that I was crazy enough to want to!

I witnessed the two of them together rather than apart as I had last seen them, and knew with certainty there was room for reconciliation within their hearts and spirits that has the potential to be healthier than anything they have yet known. I could not see what form this reconciliation would take, but it was beautiful, and I knew only good could come of it. I roused myself enough to note the time, countering the internal voice that so often rears its head and says “Are you sure?,” with the fact that a “ping” told me I would receive confirmation when I awoke. So I entered sleep with the sweet sense of having a blessing bestowed upon me, feeling the space of joy between two souls I care for within the fabric of my being.

And this morning? Yes, absolutely. Confirmation arrived by the virtue of technology before I awoke that the two people did, in fact, have a meeting of the hearts.

Now, it’s your turn.

Quietly hold the image of a loved one in your mind. Imagine seeing them gently enfolded in light. Then allow yourself to notice what your body feels like as you witness them within this space. Pay attention to what you literally feel as a “baseline” thermometer for this person. Allow yourself to gently set aside your self‐doubt, your hesitation, knowing this is not being graded! There is no right or wrong within this exercise. Write down or create a picture to honor what your spirit sees.

Once you have held this person with love as a witness to their current state, you can quite respectfully check in to notice the condition within their spirit from time to time. If you are concerned about their well‐being, you can simply ask if you have permission to inquire as to where they are and what would assist them in their journey. If you have a sense of warmth, of expansion, go right ahead. If you do not, back off. Simple as that.

If you are given the green light, just pay attention to your feelings deep down inside your core while you softly witness them. It is my belief that, performed with integrity, you are not prying. You are simply loving, offering whatever supports them best at this moment in their lives.

Now give it a go ‐ I would dearly love to hear about YOUR experiences with this act of Feel‐It‐Work Love.