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Are You a Work From Home Parent? Here’s How to Develop a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Are You a Work From Home Parent? Here’s How to Develop a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Maybe, like me, you are a parent who does much of your work from home. If so, you are intimately familiar with the difficulties of managing a family and a career in the same location. The Pew Research Center states that up to 52% of parents having kids younger than 12 years report difficulties in striking a balance between work and childcare duties.  Fortunately, guest author Jason Kenner reached out to share helpful strategies to support you in achieving the elusive work-life balance.


1. Plan Each Day in Advance

Instead of waking up and facing whatever comes next, take the initiative to get organized the night before. Here’s a list of things I try to complete before going to bed each night:

Keep Meals Ready: This involves meal prepping in advance and portioning food in microwave-friendly boxes, making them ready to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Schedule Emails for Early Morning: Whether there’s a plan to be submitted or received, I schedule emails to the respective stakeholders the night before. This reduces the need to spend an hour sending emails first thing in the morning. The time saved can be used towards breakfast, getting kids ready for school, exercising, and other healthy activities.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on pexels

Create a To-do List: With a list in hand, I’m ready to attack the day from the get-go rather than having to chase deadlines.

Maintain a Routine: While it took some time to form good habits, once I did, it made everything easier. Completing the same task at the same time each day provides me with some much-needed predictability and control over actions and expectations.


2. Hire Professional Help

One thing my experience working from home has taught me is that working long hours and managing childcare together is not sustainable. Most of the time, I ended up giving each of these things less attention than they deserved, as there were simply too many things to do at once.

Photo by jamie he on pexels

The best way to get things off my plate was to hire professional help. With a babysitter, things become much easier to handle. Whether it be picking up kids for school or ensuring they each are on time, I do not need to worry about any of these tasks. As a result, I was able to focus solely on my work leading to an increase in productivity and stress reduction.


Finding a good babysitter can be a long process. But, the go-to place to start was my network of family and friends. Once I received references, I set up interviews, requested trials with those I felt were the right fit, and then went with the option I thought was the best for my family.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on pexels

3. Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Being disciplined is key to developing a healthy work-life balance. However, even during my busiest days, I noticed that I wasted precious time on unproductive activities such as scrolling for hours on social media, watching YouTube videos, texting friends in between work, and more. Cumulatively these activities significantly delayed my work activities resulting in me working late on a daily basis.

Here’s how I was able to cut down on distractions:

Investing in a separate phone for work. Keeping my personal phone in a drawer away from my workstation notably reduced my time scrolling social media during work hours. The result? Faster completion of work and more time to spend with the kids.

Photo by Sarah Chai on pexels

Minimizing electronic use an hour before bed helped me to sleep on time and wake up early. As reported by Sleep Foundation, the blue light emitted from electronic screens such as mobile phones, laptops, etc., signals the brain to stay awake, making it difficult to fall asleep. But, getting an early start to the day helped me avoid immediately rushing into work and spending more time with family.

Rather than trying to put one responsibility over the other, I assign ample time to each activity to avoid being overwhelmed. During work hours, I try to isolate myself from distractions. Post-work, my goal is to disconnect from work-related activities by spending time with kids, enjoying a hobby, and getting some much-deserved rest.


Guest Author Jason Kenner is a dad who loves sports, adores his kids, and strives to be a good parent.  As he began researching the challenges he faced with his own children, he realized there are a lot of similarities between sports and parenting.  At On-Par Parent, he shares his best advice about both but doesn’t pretend to be a pro in either….and he promises to go easy on the sports puns!  

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Confessions of an Alchemist ~ The Power of Choosing Again

choiceHer big eyes searching my face, I couldn’t hold her gaze.
Head down, I was ashamed I couldn’t answer her question.

“Mom, can we have a whole day together to just do fun things? We can eat our favorite goodies and not have you do any work at all?”

My head spun.
I was recovering from the flu and exhausted after a long day tending beloved clients with enormous stressors. I’d pushed too hard, but my heart was determined to serve.

Now my daughter needed me, but all I could think was “An entire day off? How on Earth can I do that?” It’s not practical! There’s too much to do!

And then she threw in the clincher….”Mom? This is what I want for Christmas.”

This should have been easy.
She is 13 years old.
She still wants to spend time with me.
It really doesn’t get any better than that.

I am blessed beyond measure, but Goddess help me, I STILL couldn’t give her an unequivocal yes.

Instead of looking into her eyes and assuring her I would ABSOLUTELY grant her wish, all I could manage was to say “Honey, I hear you, I know this matters and I’ll work on it.”

Not a proud moment….but a human one.

TIME and attention are our most precious commodities.
We are so damn busy whilst starving for human connection.
I know this.
I teach the importance of being truly present with each other.
And yet I couldn’t walk my talk.

So I asked myself how I would feel about this years from now.
Would I regret not being able to give this incredible daughter a simple day together? Teaching through my actions that she didn’t matter as much as all the other things that needed tending?

The answer was a resounding YES.

I resolved to get some sleep, clear my head, and choose with wisdom.

Now I’m writing you this embarrassing but absolutely true love letter.
Because I suspect I’m not the only one in need of this lesson.

In 20 short minutes, I’ll be picking her up from school, where I will thank her for making the request. I will assure her that not only will I follow through on this for Christmas, but REGULARLY, if she desires.

Because I get a second chance to choose again.

And Dearheart, so do you.
As long as you are breathing, you get to re-decide.  And choosing again is one of our most potent tools for change.

So tell me, quickly, what is ONE THING your spirit cries for that you have pushed aside as impractical or taking too much time?

Comment on this post and share what nourishment you are willing to claim for your life!

I will hold your name and nourishing activity in mind and heart over the next few weeks to support you in actualizing what you dearly need.

I await your word.

body screaming
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Body Screaming at You? What You Need To Know Now

body screamingIs your body screaming at you? Out beyond the altar of doing more, faster, there is a space of awareness, wisdom and compassion. I’ll meet you there. May these true confessions of an alchemist guide your way.

Ever look at yourself with a sense of humor?
I had a bumper crop of that recently, three days post-abdominal surgery.
I was under general anesthesia, complete with a breathing tube. Since I was released from the hospital the same day, I expected I would feel fine and have a great excuse to take a few days off and bond with my kids.

Check out my weekend to-do list:

Make fresh yogurt from scratch,
Teach my kids how to make natural facial sprays and masques,to do list Watch a thought-provoking movie w my daughters followed by a life-enhancing discussion,
Re-cover the antique footstools from my office,
Complete my personal tax prep,
Write an article on “The Mystic” for a new online magazine

Want to guess what actually happened?

None of the above.

Bet you saw that coming.

Surgery went well, but nausea threw me to the floor.
Great news: I guarantee I’ll never become addicted to codeine, torodal, or whatever the hell else they gave me.
(Cue hysterical laughter.)

My kids got the super-fun throw-up mommy to play all weekend.
(This is definitely not one that you want to buy for your kids during holiday season.)
I got exactly no nourishment, as everything that went down, came right back up, including the anti-nausea medication.

Going somewhere? I don’t think so.

Monday was better, but better is a relative term.
I concluded that if I wasn’t well enough to drive my kids a mile and a half to the bus, seeing clients would have to wait.

After gritting my teeth and rescheduling, I had a good talk with myself.
I asked myself the same tough but loving questions I ask my clients.
And I realized something important.

I was treating my recovery process as an inconvenient interruption of daily life.

That is some really screwy logic that deserved to be flipped on its head.

So I re-decided. My priority was to fully and completely heal at all levels….even though his meant taking more time off than I wished.

To be clear, by “time off” I mean being still instead of pushing against the necessary boundaries my body screaming alerted me to   when I ignored the whispers.

Which meant there was no freshly prepared yogurt, no eco-friendly skin care line and the tattered (but beloved) foot stools will be here a bit longer.
Tax prep was delayed and that article may or may not get written in a timely fashion.

But it also means I listened to my body, rest when I needed to, recovered as quickly as possible, and walked my talk about self-care.

self love
love yourself

What good are pretty words if the the tongue they’re rolling off of isn’t true to their message?

So I ask you today, what will help you move into alignment with your healthiest self? Peek behind the fear of not being good enough, fast enough, strong enough, and inquire with love: “What do I need most in this moment?”  With love and persistence, you will find yourself beginning to listen and respond to the subtle whispers instead of your body screaming. These blissful mind-body wellness strategies can help immeasurably, as can this tip on reconnecting with your body to find your joy!

Give yourself permission to take a step (or two) back and tend your deep needs right now.  You are an amazingly bright being and I guarantee the world needs you WHOLE! And if you’re willing to join my true confessions, please share – where are YOU being guided to walk with more gentleness and compassion?

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Lost Your Joy? How To Find Your Happy!

find your joy It’s time to reconnect with joy!
Sweetheart, listen up:
YOU belong. YOU are important. YOU touch the lives of people around you in ways you can’t begin to imagine.  YOU are a force for good, a node of Divine connectivity enriching our greater experience, and I LOVE YOU.

You and I are among the amazing souls showing up and caring deeply about ways to create alchemy in your lives…but we aren’t necessarily embodying this knowledge. Too many bright spirits are sharing a feeling of being profoundly isolated…like they just don’t belong anywhere in this world.

Today I’m taking a stand to help you reclaim your joy by connecting with your greatest physical ally:

seasonal affective disorder
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Want to Reclaim Your Health? Speak Your Truth Now!

reclaim your truthThis is the truth I never thought I’d tell.

I offer it to you as inspiration and encouragement to reclaim your health.

A winter child born with a propensity for Seasonal Affective Disorder, I used to DREAD this time of year. The 30-day window between Solstice and my birthday has been fraught with challenges.

Lest you think it can’t be that bad, here’s a sampling:

My grandfather’s suicide right before Christmas. The death of my only true childhood friend on my 12th birthday. Severe postpartum depression. Repeated bouts of suicidal ideation. Biochemical storms and precious little outer light in my favored northwestern climes left me exhausted before the season began.

This time was known only as THE GAUNTLET.

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Surviving The Firestorm: The Alchemy of Courage

wildfire-300x200I was totally unprepared. The devastation stretched as far as I could see.

Over 262 square MILES of the most glorious terrain I have ever been blessed to love…destroyed.

Utter ashen moonscape.

I wept, silent tears speaking words I could not say.

I weep still as I write this.

I live in North Central Washington in a wildly remote and beautiful land which has been brought to its knees by the greatest fires our state has ever seen.

Mother nature is powerful, yes, and there IS life beneath the soil, but this space we love, the Kettle Range, will not recover in my lifetime, or my children’s.

I ache to do justice to the beauty that now lives only in our hearts, so the stories can be passed to future generations. That one day, they will find themselves breathless with wonder on the mountaintop with the panorama of vibrant life bursting forth around them.

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Inviting Aphrodite: How To Easily Woo Your Inner Goddess (Part Two)

Find-your-inner-goddess-201x300Ready for more yumminess?

There is an art and a science to inviting Aphrodite into our lives, and I am excited to share  these incredibly effective ways to connect with and embrace your Inner Goddess so your brilliant light can shine.

These jewels are based on Kisses from your True Self – simple practices designed to inspire a deeper relationship with the wisest part of you.

The best part is that each kiss is GUARANTEED to take 3 minutes or less – although you have total freedom to enjoy the goodness as long as you like.

Here is Part Two of Inviting Aphrodite – 15 Ways to Absolutely Thrive Now!

essential daily alchemy
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Essential Daily Alchemy Is Here For The First Time


Announcing Essential Daily Alchemy to help your life feel better fast!

Imagine being energetically held, cared for & supported every day, and the difference this can make now. 

Are you frustrated that you don’t have someone who truly believes in you and your ability to create a life you love?

Are you tired of not having the support you need to move beyond surviving into thriving?

I am an alchemist at heart, and I have a solution that came two weeks ago because of a client very much like you.

She wrote me, as so many have over the years, with a crucial request: “Please Help!”

The details of each person’s unique situation differ, but one thing’s for sure. There is always a clear sense of urgency to SEND HELP NOW.

What happens next is always the same. I drop down into a heart space of wholeness and help gather and shift the energy for nearly instantaneous results. I wait until I feel the relaxing, harmonizing, balancing sensations sweep through me so I’m certain the person and situation I’m focused on are beginning to feel better, and then move on with the rest of my day with a tremendous sense of gratitude for being able to be of service.

I trust this process because it’s happened over a thousand times. Afterward, clients consistently report a sense of wellness and ease enters their body. They can breathe easier, think more clearly and feel stronger again.

So after I completed this process with this particular client, I had THIS revelation: There is no need for people to wait until crisis strikes to receive essential support.  Why not offer proactive energetic care?

I can promise you it is easier energetically to help avert disaster before it happens than to intervene at its peak!

And this is where Essential Daily Alchemy was born.Connect-with-your-genius-300x200

I am offering a select group of people who are ready to experience more ease, energy and wellness this opportunity to apply for a monthly subscription service with personalized support, 5 days a week.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

What if you could have the support you’ve always dreamed of?

What if you didn’t have to try so hard?

What if you were guaranteed to have someone who really cares dedicated to providing you with individual energetic assistance on specific days and times you can count on?

And what if you could do this at an affordable rate that is far less than my traditional alchemy packages?

I have only 15 total Essential Daily Alchemy spots to offer, several of which are already spoken for. If you KNOW you’re interested, email me right away: so I can put you at the top of the list to receive more information.

In the meantime, imagine being held, cared for & supported in your daily life.  After all, you give your life everything you’ve got. Isn’t it time you get the support you deserve? 

With Love & Alchemy,


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Inviting Aphrodite: 15 Ways to Absolutely Thrive Now (Part One)


Ask any woman whether she’s happy with what she looks like or if she’s completely happy with her life and you’ll likely get a resounding “no.”

Ask that same woman, “When was the last time you did something really nice for yourself?” and you’ll likely get silence. After a few moments, she might come back with, “Well there was that day a few months ago when I had the flu and I slept in until 6:00 am.”

Sound familiar? It’s sad, really. Why can’t we as women take a day off or do something nice for ourselves?

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Learn the Secrets of Luminous Listening for Beautiful Relationships Now

You are an amazing human being.

Luminous-Listening-300x215You bring your heart forward to people you love, but perhaps you don’t always feel like you’re able to help them as much as you’d like.

Luminous Listening is a powerful technique here to help as we explore the letter L in my A to Z Alchemy series.

Imagine that someone you care about is talking to you.  They’re stressed and you want to help.  I’ll bet your attention is focused intently on them as you listen with all your might to what they’re saying.  You’re probably caught up in the surface content of what they’re sharing, thinking if you listen hard enough you can help them problem solve.

I’ll also bet in these moments that your heart rate and blood pressure increase, your jaws and stomach get tight and your breathing gets shallow.  In your deep desire to connect and be of service, you have very likely allowed them to become the emotional leader and followed them into their stress.

Stop.  Catch yourself. You have a totally positive intention to help them, and I promise there is a better way to achieve the result you want more quickly and easily.