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Indian dance at sunset
Indian dance at sunset

In a world overflowing with noise, it is a great pleasure to be able to share alchemical voices that encourage a soul-felt YES!

A  perfect message in light of the world’s pain is outstandingly shared by Parker J. Palmer at in Heartbreak, Violence and Hope for New Life:

My heart is stretched every time I’m able to take in life’s little deaths without an anesthetic: a friendship gone sour, a mean-spirited critique of my work, failure at a task that was important to me. I can also exercise my heart by taking in life’s little joys: a small kindness from a stranger, the sound of a distant train reviving childhood memories, the infectious giggle of a two-year-old as I “hide” and then “leap out” from behind cupped hands. Taking all of it in — the good and the bad alike — is a form of exercise that slowly transforms my clenched fist of a heart into an open hand.

For prose that brings shivers of pleasure, read Jeanette LeBlanc of Peace.Love.Free in A Night For Remembering The Pathway Back Home:

We live our lives in real time. an unceasing go-go-go and give-give-give. it can get messy, and tangled and so easy to forget ourselves in the midst of it all. but sometimes, right when it is needed the most, there will come a night when the universe gifts us with the path back home.”  (Special gift: Jeanette has a playlist of marvelous music to speak to you, so read it ALL.)

Is your spirit calling you to take a leap of faith?  The marvelous Nona Jordan shares just what you need, complete with Goddess-Warrior action points on Say Yes To Risk:

…it wasn’t until I said yes to risk, consciously and intentionally, that things really began to change. I was doing the same things on a larger scale, taking risks in my business and other areas of my life, but there was more ease in the challenge. I started feeling a sense of playfulness.

shine_energy_5-300x225And if you are a kindred spirit who falls in love with the beauty of the world regularly, you’ll love Maybe Love Comes To Some Of Us Differently by Patricia Dowd at Rebelle Society:

What makes your heart come alive, really come alive? What makes your heart break wide-fucking-open?

How often do you feel that fall-to-the-ground, this-world-is-so-beautiful kind of love? Most people would not want, or know how, to answer such questions. I live inside these questions most days of my life.”

If you love these, let me know – and if you have favorites I haven’t discovered yet, I have ears to hear and eyes to see!


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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