Are You a Work From Home Parent? Here’s How to Develop a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Are You a Work From Home Parent? Here’s How to Develop a Healthy Work-Life Balance Maybe, like me, you are a parent who does much of your work from home. If so, you are intimately familiar with the difficulties of managing a family and a career in the same location. The Pew Research Center states […]

World’s Gone Crazy? Here’s the Solution You Need!

Hello Darling, May these words breathe nourishment into your life even though (or maybe especially because) the world looks a bit crazy right now. On a recent day with “all the things” piling on with no sign of stopping, I came upstairs trembling during a short work break. Shaking, really. My insides couldn’t seem to […]

Expand your Enjoyment in Life with Everyday Mindfulness

Giveaway Alert! Ready for something special? I’ve discovered a gem of book for YOU! No matter HOW smart, capable, brilliant, or gorgeous you are (and you ARE more than you can possibly know!), it’s challenging in the BEST of times to incorporate the mindfulness skills we KNOW can improve the quality of our lives. And […]

Blessing your Heart during Difficult Times

Dearheart, May you know you are are part of the solution every time you open your heart to blessed connection with another soul. Even during quarantine, we embody the power to touch each other’s spirits…to remind each other that we are never alone…and to re-member (literally to put back together) hope and wholeness for our world. May you allow […]

How to tell if a relationship is worth your life energy

Want to know if a relationship is worth the energy you’re investing in it? Ask this one question: Do they consistently honor the light in your eyes and the passion in your soul? Because YOU ARE WORTH HONORING, and anyone who doesn’t support that which lights you up from the inside doesn’t deserve much real […]

Are you answering your Soulfire’s call?

Do you remember being LIT UP from the inside out? I see you in my mind’s eye – shining with the sacred flame burning within. I marvel at the ways you keep showing up to tend your people and projects with heart and soulfulness. Yet I know sometimes it feels like TOO DAMN MUCH. Maybe, […]

Your Soulfire Quiz

Hello Gorgeous, this gift is for you! Take this fast, fun and free assessment to discover which of eight specific keys you need to nourish your Soulfire for more energy, beauty, and magic every day. May you find as much pleasure in taking this as I’ve had while creating it!

Alchemy LIVE

Pulled in too many directions and feeling soul-tired because of it? Do you feel like you’re losing your spark? Are you scared that no matter how hard you work, it will never be enough? Worried about becoming a dried-up shell of your former self? Feel “too sensitive” and wonder why you can’t be happy with […]

Embracing the YOU that cannot be contained

Dearheart, I’m reaching out to kiss the part of you that cannot be contained. I happen to know that, like me, you have some version of my crazy little curl.  One you try to cover up, tuck in, or shove into some socially acceptable space. Except that it will never, EVER, stay in place for […]

Alchemy LIVE – Channel the Power of Your Inner Alchemist

Coming Soon! Join me for a very special experience at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA on September 21st, 2019. Alchemy LIVE will provide the precise tools you need to connect with your inner alchemist and kiss fear, doubt and confusion goodbye while moving into clarity, confidence and strength no matter what adventures arise […]

Brandi Carlile

I Bet You Think No One Is Looking

Your courage is showing, Braveheart.   I bet you think no one is looking…while you are tapping into a deep reservoir of strength to bolster your resolve…speaking with courageous clarity rather than letting corrosive comments slide…choosing integrity over comfort, painfully aware that your voice speaks for all those who cannot be heard. I am grateful […]

Confessions of an Alchemist ~ The Power of Choosing Again

Her big eyes searching my face, I couldn’t hold her gaze. Head down, I was ashamed I couldn’t answer her question. “Mom, can we have a whole day together to just do fun things? We can eat our favorite goodies and not have you do any work at all?” My head spun. I was recovering […]

Play with the Universe

An Exuberant YES to Playing with the Universe

Alchemy at its finest!  I was right smack in the middle of a live video coaching session when this amazing autumnal aspen fluttered her sun-dappled leaves, captivating my heart. My client had just shared a painful conversation in which her partner was more interested in whether the clothes were reliably cleared off the top of […]

Initiation by Hawk – Blessing by the Wild Things

I write through tears today, grieving the sudden loss of a loved one. Preparing to navigate this day, a healing by a wild thing earlier this year jumps forefront to my mind. Knowing you have much on your mind and heart as well, I offer this to buoy your spirits and encourage your journey. At […]

body screaming

Body Screaming at You? What You Need To Know Now

Is your body screaming at you? Out beyond the altar of doing more, faster, there is a space of awareness, wisdom and compassion. I’ll meet you there. May these true confessions of an alchemist guide your way. Ever look at yourself with a sense of humor? I had a bumper crop of that recently, three […]


How To Coax Your Heart Out Of The Wreckage Of Tragedy

  In the wake of recent tragedy, I lovingly offer this to help coax your beautiful heart out of despair and into a space of hope: My heart is breaking for the innocent, head straining to comprehend the incomprehensible, heart beating as though it can outrun these feelings. Tears anoint this space, falling from my […]

Release Limitations and Embrace Your Amazing Growth

Darling, it’s time to release limitations and celebrate your growth. Chances are high that your old boundaries no longer fit. Have you ever had a moment like this? My daughter burst into tears on the way out the door this morning. When I asked what was wrong, she exclaimed “Everything!” I bent down to hug […]

commune with nature

The Inspiring Origins of The Alchemist’s Heart: Part One

Soul Adventurer, I offer this as a gift – the first in a series of true-life stories.  May they bring the inspiring breath of life more deeply through your mind and body, helping to energize all that you wish to co-create in the world. Please let me know how this resonates – I love hearing […]

divine order

How To Soothe Your Spirit On A Rocky Adventure

Dear Soul Adventurer, Are you ready to gain some ideas about how to soothe your spirit on a rocky adventure? Ever wonder where the BLEEP your bridge in life is? You’ve come to the right place! I’m sending you love from 8,500′ on my high altitude journey into the remote Northwestern region of Salta, Argentina.  We […]

How To Give Yourself A Powerful Gift

Can you believe it? The turn of the seasons has arrived, bringing new possibilities into our lives right now! It’s been a rough few months for so many amazing souls. Somewhere between the exceptionally long winter and the head-spinning news cycle, we almost forgot Spring was coming. But here it is! With a beautiful opportunity […]


How To Make Friends With Your Gifted Rainforest Mind – Part Two

Join another Truth-Telling episode with Paula Prober on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast! Did YOU grow up as an unidentified gifted child? Do you have regular moments of guilt when you can’t seem to wrangle everything in your life? Imagine the relief you’ll feel as we gently and easily clear up misconceptions about your beautiful rainforest mind (or that […]

rainforest mind

How To Embrace Your Beautiful Rainforest Mind – Part One

  Have you been told you’re too sensitive? Do you hold high standards for yourself and have a deep need for beauty, balance, harmony? You may have a Rainforest Mind! Get the inside scoop with alchemist Paula Prober, an expert on the social, emotional and spiritual needs of gifted children and adults. Lest you think this […]

Lost Your Joy? How To Find Your Happy!

It’s time to reconnect with joy! Sweetheart, listen up: YOU belong. YOU are important. YOU touch the lives of people around you in ways you can’t begin to imagine.  YOU are a force for good, a node of Divine connectivity enriching our greater experience, and I LOVE YOU. You and I are among the amazing souls […]

seasonal affective disorder

Want to Reclaim Your Health? Speak Your Truth Now!

This is the truth I never thought I’d tell. I offer it to you as inspiration and encouragement to reclaim your health. A winter child born with a propensity for Seasonal Affective Disorder, I used to DREAD this time of year. The 30-day window between Solstice and my birthday has been fraught with challenges. Lest […]

make love to the sun

How To Heal Your Heart By Making Love To The Sun

Ready to heal your heart by making love to the sun?  (or….Why I sunbathed topless in 55 degree weather on Election Day )I have a confession to make today. I voted by mail on November 3rd, and had a last minute client reschedule, so I was unexpectedly FREE during the afternoon of our U.S. Election […]


It’s Time To Honor Your Magnificent Heart

It’s time to honor your heart! You are a brave and magical creature. I know this for sure. Don’t believe me? Check this out: You train every day like an Olympic athlete, but your work is largely INVISIBLE – because nobody can possibly see the truth of what’s going on in your mind and heart. […]

I Surrender My Heart To Tears Of Gratitude

Gratitude fills my heart and mind today. May this intimate peek into my life bring nourishment for your soul. I want to remember this moment. There are tubes everywhere – attached to his hands, leg, face…and more. Bringing life giving fluids and oxygen, helping to circulate blood, carrying toxins away. I have been strong. I did not […]

Do You Know Your Power and Purpose?

Know your power and deep purpose while you soak up inspiration with relationship alchemist Brianna McInerny. Plus, learn the keys to ManSpeak!  Brianna teaches us how to get what we want in our relationships with men, without nagging or chasing. She has worked tirelessly to crack the code of male anger, silence, and disconnection, in order to […]

Be Seen and Held in a Space of Love

Experience the healing of being seen and held in a space of love. I’ve been making people cry this week. Not that I WANT to…but it keeps happening. I share a gem of truth with a beautiful human….and the tears begin to flow. It’s not just with clients, it’s everywhere I go. Last weekend I met […]

21: Discover How To Love Your Amazing Body

Love your body today!  You’re guaranteed to gain powerful ideas from our podcast that can transform your life.  Join this alchemical conversation with Board-certified Nutrition & Lifestyle coach and former professional ballerina, Stephanie Burg.  You know you’re ready to make changes in your life.  Here is your chance to be showered with actionable advice on movement, holistic […]

light up your soul

What You Need to Know to Light Up Your Soul Right Now

Ready to dance through part 2 of my A to Z Alchemy series? Let’s rock this alchemical alphabet with our exploration of dance, empathy and flow.   Here’s what you need to know to light up your soul right now! You’ll learn terrific tips to discover dynamic dance benefits, unlock keys to developing empathic excellence […]

19: Activate Beautiful Energy with Alchemy, Bliss and Clarity

Activate your beautiful energy! Begin your journey on my podcast A to Z adventure series.  You’re guaranteed to be inspired as you test drive this awesome alchemical alphabet designed to rock your life! I know you’re ready to energize your mind, body and spirit with the power of alchemy.  It’s time to connect with the most creative and joyful […]

Hot Podcasts: The Belly Dance Prescription

Shake your hips AND depression with The Belly Dance Prescription!  NOW is the time to embark on a journey into the magic of belly dance for empowering your life and nourishing your soul. The Belly Dance Prescription: Shake Your Hips AND Depression is your invitation to allow hot podcasts 17 and 18  guide you through this two-part […]


How to Embody Your Courageous Spirit Now

Want to know how to embody your courageous spirit? I challenge you to connect with your bravest self with this simple step: I’ve been BUSTED – by my 10 year old! Which feels uncomfortable and weird and fills me with pride all at the same time. My daughters are officially out of school for summer and […]

How to Feel Better Now with Your Inner Alchemist

Feel better now! Discover secrets to connecting with your inner alchemist with this love letter: Hello My Love, do you want to feel better? This is for you! It’s been a challenging week around here…maybe for you as well? I’ve had to throw dearly held plans right out the window in order to make wise decisions. I […]

alchemy bowl

Confessions of an Alchemist ~ What I REALLY Do

Hello Beautiful, Here are confessions of an alchemist….PLUS, I have placed a gift here for you.  It is waiting at the bottom of this love letter… A gifted woman asked me a powerful question this week: What’s the difference between your life coaching and mental health counseling? And I responded with the standard (BORING) party […]

15: Aromatherapy Wisdom with Dana Frost

Explore the powerful alchemy of aromatherapy and mine the wisdom of intimate relationships in this conversation with alchemist Dana Frost.  From essential oils to marriage to motherhood, you’re guaranteed to emerge from this podcast with alchemical tools to help you relax, recharge and experience your best possible life!  

16: Saying YES to Your Soul with Tracee Sioux

Courageously commit to saying YES to your Soul for one year with alchemist Tracee Sioux.  Author of The Year of Yes! and Soul Vs. Ego Smackdown, Tracee will expertly help you learn how to identify which voice is your Soul speaking and which is your ego’s.                     […]

12: Shakti Secrets To Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Power

Embrace sacred feminine power into your life with Shakti Priestess, Zinnia Gupte! Zinnia is an inspirational author, speaker, priestess and sacred dancer who is expert at connecting women with their soul’s desires. Accept this invitation and discover keys to awakening your inner power, beauty, intuition and magic in this potent conversation from my Inviting Aphrodite […]

Dance With Me and You Will Absolutely Light Up My Life

Dance with me and you’ll light up my life!  It’s time for my birthday celebration dance party! You know how birthdays are supposed to be happy? Full of joy, presents and giggles? A blissful combination of radiant loved ones, positive energy and well wishes? Not always, eh?  I’m certain some of you, like me, have […]

Embrace The Dream of Awakening To Enliven Your Spirit

The brilliant Caroline Mellow of Tales from the Seed has honored us by allowing me to share her Imbolc poem in its entirety here on The Alchemist’s Heart! If you aren’t familiar with the magic of Imbolc, get ready for a treat!  This is a fire festival on February 2nd marking the mid point between Winter Solstice […]

13: How To Alchemize Your Beautiful Life

Learn how to bring out your inner EFBA and alchemize your beautiful life with master life coach and renegade heathen mystic, Anna Kunnecke.Join us on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast to discover practical magic and gather effective tools you can use today in this stimulating conversation with the creatrix of, The Queen Sweep and the EFBA mentorship program. Learn […]

Rekindle Your Soulfire with Aphrodite’s Spark

Rekindle Your Soulfire with Aphrodite’s Spark:  3 steps to create more energy, beauty and magic to give and receive   An invitation and training for women called to more  Dearheart, Are you feeling overly busy these days? Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone else? Do you secretly long to stay in bed, pull the […]

Honoring Your Bravery and Beautiful Heart Light on Solstice

Today I celebrate the courage and beautiful heart light you have shown throughout this year. We have come together to the darkest night our seasons have to offer, and we have done so with bravery and dedication to keep showing up in our lives no matter the challenges. Maybe you think nobody notices, but I […]

14: The Magic of Self-Love and Alchemy for Divorce and Breakups

Discover alchemy for divorce and breakups with the magic of two amazing guests with a passion for helping women love themselves! Cindy Holbrook, The Compassionate Divorce Coach and Kate Galt, The Breakup Expert share powerful tips on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast to help you make wise choices and rebuild your life with less stress, more confidence and […]

11: How To Go From Hell To Happy In 9 Minutes A Day

Want to know how to go from hell to happy in 9 minutes a day? Inspire your life with alchemist Dina Proctor’s powerful story of moving from suicidal addiction to a life of happiness beyond her imagining! This amazing woman is the creatrix of 3 x 3 meditations and author of Madly Chasing Peace: How […]

10: Write Your Truth with Stella Orange

Ready to write your truth? Discover how to develop clarity, confidence and effectiveness with the written word while profoundly transforming your life to include greater peace, presence and well-being. Join this brilliant conversation with writing alchemist Stella Orange, guaranteed to spark your creative juices! Stella is the founder and director of, an agency that […]

A Thanksgiving Love Letter To You

The simple truth is that you are worthy and you transform the world by being here. Not by doing something big and amazing that people cannot help but notice (although that may absolutely be the case), but by being you. And for this, I truly give thanks. My wish is that you can go through […]

#9: Love Your Truth and Live Your Purpose Today with Natalie Reese

Discover surprising ways to bring more ease, grace and joy into your life with alchemist Natalie Reese through a powerful combination of academic research, practical tools and intuitive gifts. Learn how to love your truth and live your purpose!

Inspire Your Heart and Unleash Your Inner Magnificence Now

Today is tremendously exciting! It’s a day that I want to celebrate and share with YOU and ask for your love and support, because my very intimate and personal soul story, The Secret Glade, is featured in the Unleash Your Inner Magnificence Kindle book released this morning. I keep pinching myself that my sacred story, along with […]

#8: Heal Your Money Relationships Now with Bari Tessler Linden

How would you like to radically change your money conversations to include sacredness, playfulness and sexiness? Join us to bring healing, awareness and un-shaming to your money relationships.

#7: The Surprising Alchemy Of Connecting With Your Genius

Are you ready for the alchemy of connecting with your genius and finding your flow?  I’ll show you how! Discover the surprising secret of tapping into the ultimate positive psychology resource, including the most important trait that allows you to access your hidden “gold” on this episode of The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast. 

#6: Deep Clarity and Inspiration for Your Best Life with KJ Sassypants

KJ Sassypants shares her exquisite skill in astrology as she guides us with tremendous love, compassion, clarity and strength through the deepest aspects of our personalities.

An Authentic Call From My Alchemical Heart To Yours

An authentic call from my alchemical heart to yours to honor your inner wisdom and pay attention to the important instead of simply the urgent. I’ve had enough experience to know when a cosmic 2 x 4 is being ordered up because I didn’t pay attention to the whisper of a feather.

#5: Sexy Sacred Sensual You with Michelle Alva

Join soul connector, holistic physical therapist and intuitive healer, Michelle Alva as she unites modern movement science with ancient wisdom to create easy, effective and FUN ways to feel fulfilled, empowered and connected to our body-mind-soul!

#4: Awakening the Goddess Within with Dr. Mary Pritchard

Join up with psychologist and Body Love Expert Dr. Mary E. Pritchard, international bestselling author and founder of the Awakening the Goddess Within virtual community as we share ways to help heal our relationships with food, our bodies and our authentic selves!

#3: The Magic of SanctuWhereWe and Creativity with Amy Jones

Experience the magic of finding creative solutions to achieve major life goals AND treat yourself with respect and compassion at the same time with alchemist Amy Jones! Amy shares the secrets of her success and TWO brilliant websites on Episode 3 of The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast.

#2: Learn The Surprising Secrets Of Growing More Beautiful

Learn the surprising secrets of growing more beautiful and embracing your inner Goddess with alchemist Jennifer Robin on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast! Jennifer is the author of a gorgeous award-winning book, Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style.  Her earlier writing, Clothe Your Spirit: Dressing for Self Expression, launched a twenty-five year career […]

The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast Is Here For The First Time!

Surprise! The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast is LIVE! If you’re ready to move beyond the soul numbing daily grind so you can reawaken to your genius, reclaim your life energy and fall back in love with your life, you’ve come to the right place. Alchemy is all about transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, and that […]

Expanding My Heart With The Joy Of Synchronicity

Joy! Today my friend and bestselling publisher Linda Joy released Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy featuring the soul-inspiring stories of 38 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation. Please join me in celebrating this beauty-filled book by sharing your experiences of joy on this blog and going to to get […]

Surviving The Firestorm: The Alchemy of Courage

I was totally unprepared. The devastation stretched as far as I could see. Over 262 square MILES of the most glorious terrain I have ever been blessed to love…destroyed. Utter ashen moonscape. I wept, silent tears speaking words I could not say. I weep still as I write this. I live in North Central Washington […]

Inviting Aphrodite: Embrace Your Authentic Beauty Now

Alchemist and guest blogger Jennifer Robin gifts with this final installment of her exclusive Growing More Beautiful series.  Read on to enrich your life now! As we grow older, our relationship to our appearance becomes both more challenging and more interesting. Our choices become more pronounced. Being aware of the passage of time heightens our relationship to […]

Inviting Aphrodite: The Heart And Soul of Growing More Beautiful

Did you catch the sumptuous writing in Jennifer Robin’s first guest post on the alchemy of growing more beautiful? Jennifer is an alchemist, image consultant, makeup artist and fashion stylist and painter who is gifting us now with part two of her Growing More Beautiful series. Read on to experience her alchemy with the evocative power […]

Inviting Aphrodite: The Alchemy Of Growing More Beautiful

This proven method of inviting Aphrodite by connecting with your inner Goddess is available to you now! I am delighted to have discovered alchemist Jennifer Robin and her gorgeous (really & truly!) award winning book, Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style.  Her earlier writing, Clothe Your Spirit: Dressing for Self Expression, launched a twenty-five year career as an image consultant, […]

Manifest the Marvelous Magic Of Spirit Memory Now

Learn the secrets to manifesting the marvelous magic of spirit memory with my A to Z Alchemy series right now! It was her “do or die” moment. She knew it was time to break through the glass ceiling and bring it to the world. Struggling with confidence issues before a call to land the biggest client of […]

Top 5 Alchemical Writers To Inspire Your Life

You know I’m all about alchemical change, and that this requires a willingness to dive deep and transform. It is my passion and pleasure to bring you resources to make this easier in your life.  Here are some courageous powerhouse writers with gifts of inspiration to spur you into action as you create a life you […]

6 Keys To Easing Stress On The Anniversary Of Trauma

She gasped to speak, forcing syllables out in rapid succession. My heart ached to witness her pain. Silently, I spoke from my heart to hers, holding her in a completely safe space. You are safe. You are loved. You are free. You have all the support you need. You are safe. You are loved. You […]

self love

Secrets From The Alchemist: 10 Easy Ways To Nourish Your Spirit

Ahhh, one of my favorite things just happened. I’ve been inspired once again by my readers. I outed myself on Inviting Aphrodite about some challenging events and was invited to share what I’m doing for my own self-care while I’m getting through. My first thought was to start laughing hysterically, because I always feel like there is MORE […]

Inviting Aphrodite: How to Expand Your Inner Goddess Now (Part Three)

Have you given yourself the pleasure? If not, the time is now. Give yourself the gift of my top 15 tips for bringing alchemy into your life by finding and wooing your inner Goddess so you can thrive! Here are the final 5 tips (for now – you know there’s always more) to enhance your relationship […]

Inviting Aphrodite: How To Easily Woo Your Inner Goddess (Part Two)

Ready for more yumminess? There is an art and a science to inviting Aphrodite into our lives, and I am excited to share  these incredibly effective ways to connect with and embrace your Inner Goddess so your brilliant light can shine. These jewels are based on Kisses from your True Self – simple practices designed to […]

Brunch at Terrine

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Saen – Dark sky

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essential daily alchemy

Essential Daily Alchemy Is Here For The First Time

Announcing Essential Daily Alchemy to help your life feel better fast! Imagine being energetically held, cared for & supported every day, and the difference this can make now.  Are you frustrated that you don’t have someone who truly believes in you and your ability to create a life you love? Are you tired of not having the […]

Inviting Aphrodite: 15 Ways to Absolutely Thrive Now (Part One)

Ask any woman whether she’s happy with what she looks like or if she’s completely happy with her life and you’ll likely get a resounding “no.” Ask that same woman, “When was the last time you did something really nice for yourself?” and you’ll likely get silence. After a few moments, she might come back […]

How I Learned To Trust At The Speed Of Love

My only warning was the sudden click of the doors unlocking themselves. I briefly wondered WHY such a thing would happen before it donned on me. I had lost control of my car. Rather a heavy car….at twilight…on an unlit highway…12 miles from the nearest cell service…going 60 miles an hour. Thoughts ran through my mind about what […]

Nourishing Your Spirit With Powerful Voices From The Sisterhood

Oh Beauties! Do you know the experience of being filled up to overflowing with gratitude for gorgeousness in your life? Today I’m THIS grateful to be able to share alchemical sister writers with you.  May their writing nourish your spirit and inspire your days.

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Powerful Ways To Break Out Of A Limiting Mindset (Part 3)

It’s time to break out of a limiting mindset.  You are powerful in more ways than you know.  If you’ve been with me for a while, you know my tips for finding creative solutions and my 5 simple secrets to turn your weakness into strength. You’ve witnessed the positive changes that come with building on your successes, […]

Learn the Secrets of Luminous Listening for Beautiful Relationships Now

You are an amazing human being. You bring your heart forward to people you love, but perhaps you don’t always feel like you’re able to help them as much as you’d like. Luminous Listening is a powerful technique here to help as we explore the letter L in my A to Z Alchemy series. Imagine […]

Brilliant Alchemical Voices To Inspire Your World

In a world overflowing with noise, it is a great pleasure to be able to share alchemical voices that encourage a soul-felt YES! A  perfect message in light of the world’s pain is outstandingly shared by Parker J. Palmer at in Heartbreak, Violence and Hope for New Life: “My heart is stretched every time I’m able to take […]

Kaleidoscope of Kisses from the Alchemist Guaranteed to Transform Your Life

Consider yourself kissed!  Today is “K” in the alchemical alphabet. I am completely delighted to be celebrating “K” in our A to Z alchemy exploration by starting a new tradition of  gift-giving  from The Art & Science of Creating Sacred Space. Kisses from your True Self are simple practices designed to inspire a deeper relationship with […]

12 Steps To The Sacred Journey Of Your Life

In celebration of my 100th post (YAY!!!), I invite you into the remarkable adventure of exploring the Hero’s Journey in your life with a hearty dose of alchemy for adventurers. There is a pattern in all the great stories of the world that are really one story – one monomyth, with different faces.  This is the hero’s story – the sacred […]

Inspire Your Life With This Valuable Invitation

Your invitation to inspiration has arrived!  Did you know the meaning of the word inspire means, literally, to breathe life into?  Join the adventure with the magical letter “I” in our A to Z alchemy exploration through an incredible poem (some might even say incantation) by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.  I challenge you to let the words soak into your […]

How To Honor Your Deepest Truth Now

I know you bring your heart and soul forward to honor other worthy people, but do you do this for yourself? It’s time to learn the essential elements you need to honor your deepest truth and connect with your inner alchemist as we explore the letter “H” in our A to Z alchemy series. The first and […]

Get In Touch With The Genius Of Being Genuine

You embody genuine genius.  Yes, you.  Need proof? Check out this definition from Mirriam-Webster: a peculiar, distinctive or identifying character of spirit; a personification or embodiment, especially of a quality or condition.  That’s right.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you are overflowing with intellectual capacity – although that may absolutely be the case. As we explore the letter “G” in our […]

Do You Know The Fantastic Secret To Feeling A Happy Flow?

Ready to learn the key to fundamentally enhancing your quality of life?  The ultimate positive psychology resource? It’s my beauty secret.  Flow.  The fabulous state of flow is freaking AMAZING. Haven’t had the pleasure yet? Join in our exploration of A to Z alchemy with the concept of flow as a state of consciousness in which we are […]

The Most Important Key To Increasing Excellence in Empathy

Empathy. You know it when you feel it.  The moment another soul connects with you and you KNOW that you are seen, heard and witnessed in all your imperfect humanity. You are recognized and accepted just as you are without any rankling ounce of pity. I am not a fan of pity. Don’t want it, don’t […]

Discover Dynamic Dance Benefits To Energize Your Life

It’s time to discover dynamic dance benefits to energize your life! Did you know dance is natural therapy for gathering strength, increasing self-confidence, opening up your capacity for healthy self-expression and bringing greater enjoyment into all areas of your life? It’s true! It’s a brilliant choice for connecting with your inner alchemist.   Powerful mind-body […]

Do You Know This Breakthrough Component of Successful Communication?

You already know the basics of communicating with others. It’s relatively easy. I’ll bet an organic dark chocolate truffle that you work to listen to the other person, pay attention to your nonverbal communication, use “I” statements to take responsibility for your own feelings instead of blaming others when tensions are high, and create environments that […]

Blissful Mind-Body Wellness Strategies to Empower Your Life

You are uniquely gifted with the most exquisitely sensitive biofeedback mechanism on the face of the planet.

Your body has an incredible capacity for guiding you in the direction of right action. You just have to know how to access it.

Awesome Alchemical Alphabet to Rock Your Life

Get your alchemy on, Beautiful one! (Yes, you!) I’m awakening to April with my very own Alchemical Alphabet for the Blogging from A to Z 2015 Challenge.  The idea is to join bloggers around the world while bringing you a WEALTH of transformative tips and breaking my record for the most posts in a month.  To do this, […]

5 Simple Secrets Turn Your Weakness Into Powerful Strength (Part Two)

Are you ready to alchemize your world? Here are my promised 5 secret steps to turn your weakness into powerful strength. You probably know by now that I am not the world’s most natural organizer, and that I’ve found ways to successfully work with my 2E tendencies (if you’re reading this, I’ll bet you’ve got […]

Delicious Writings from Alchemical Women

Need some transformation in your life? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to my roundup of inspiring alchemical writers to encourage connection with your truest self.

The Art & Science of Creating Sacred Space

Join me! I am thrilled to be offering one of my favorite alchemy courses at The Heart of Alchemy Academy ~ 30 Days of Creating a Life that Works: The Art & Science of Creating Sacred Space for your Truest Self to Shine is open for enrollment, with classes beginning Tuesday, April 21st.  Make the most of the […]

Exquisite Spring Trifecta for Vernal Equinox

Supermoons, total solar eclipses and equinoxes, Oh My! When? NOW. This is it! A day I look forward to all year. Spring equinox is upon us, this beautiful time of beginning and renewal when the Earth’s axis becomes perpendicular to the sun’s rays — cresting with a perfect balance of day and night until it […]

Sharing Joy on Our International Day of Happiness

Did you know? Our International Day of Happiness is today! I get my happy on this time every year on March 20th because Vernal Equinox is coming right up in my neck of the woods.  But the United Nation’s decision in 2012 to establish our International Day of Happiness gives us extra reasons to delight – Happy […]

The Alchemist’s Heart Ranked Best of the Best on Alltop!

My kids have no idea why I’m jumping up and down, but they’re happily jumping with me. Maybe you will too now that The Alchemist’s Heart and Alchemy for Moms are featured on ALLTOP! You know, the best of the best Alltop?! Alltop is a beautiful resource –  think of it as an easily customizable magazine rack […]

Preparing for Birth AFTER Surviving a Postpartum Mood Disorder

How Do You Prepare for Birth AFTER Surviving a Postpartum Mood Disorder? Lauren Hale openly shared her painful (yet heartening!) journey through two bouts of Postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in this episode of The Mommy-Muse Is In: Empowering Your Journey into Motherhood, Unexpected Blessing.  Even if you didn’t catch the interview (and you still can!), […]


Top Alchemical Writers of the Week

Hey Beauties, I’ve missed you! I’m back from a brief hiatus in which a family member passed away and my husband gained a new hip. Skipping a pic on this one – it’s not pretty – but it is done, and there is a beauty to that. Along the way, I discovered potent alchemy from some […]

Alchemy of Tending a Soul at Death’s Door

The Alchemy of Tending a Soul at Death’s Door She claws at me, tearing at my skin. Fierce! How can an 85 pound woman be so strong? I learn quickly, shifting my angle to avoid her piercing nails, only to find her teeth lashing out, nipping my skin. How did she learn to fight like […]

rekindle your spark

The Sure Fire Secret to Rekindling Your Heart

The alchemy of reclaiming your inner spark. I’m not scared by a person’s pain. Do I feel it? Yes. Do I care? Profoundly. Do I trust the process? Absolutely. Where there is pain, there is life as surely as when there is joy.  And where there is life, there is space for healing. Where there […]

Alchemical Organizing: 4 Steps to Loving your Space Again

I have a treat for you today with alchemy from guest blogger and organizing expert Melody Granger.  I warn you that she is infectiously enthusiastic, and can make even the stickiest spots smooth into graciousness.  So if you don’t want to make things better, don’t read this! Neglected Your Space Lately? 4 Organizing Steps to […]

The Art & Science of Creating Sacred Space

  I am thrilled to be offering one of my favorite alchemy courses at The Heart of Alchemy Academy just in time for Spring! 30 Days of Creating a Life that Works: A Course in Holding Sacred Space for your Truest Self to Shine is now open for enrollment, with classes beginning Tuesday, February 24th.  This may […]

Best Alchemy from the Web

Lusciousness! Loving these alchemical contributions from gifted bloggers while gathering my favorite posts from the web. If you’ve been in my office, you know this is a topic dear to my heart.  A Love Letter to Tea by Caroline Mellor of Tales from the Seed : “(Tea) is not a drink, it is meditation; it is prayer. […]

Under Cover: What if it’s not PPD?

Alert! This may not be what you think! So you’ve read through the signs and symptoms of stress, baby blues and postpartum depression. Fatigue, mood swings, weepiness, irritability, guilt, anxiety, forgetfulness and despondency are high on your list. Maybe disappointment, numbness, lack of interest in your baby and yourself, hypersensitivity to criticism and feelings of vulnerability […]

Energize your Workweek Challenge

It’s time! Join me in celebrating my birthday with the the alchemy of our FREE  workweek pick-me-up!  I’ve teamed up with Alison Cardy to present the Energize your Workweek Challenge – a one week free program designed to support you in bringing more satisfaction, productivity and wellness into your daily life. Here’s a peek at […]

Belly Dance: Alchemy to Strengthen our Physical and Emotional Power

As an alchemist, Belly Dance is one of the best alchemical tools I know to strengthen our physical and emotional power.  If you’ve opted into my weekly Love Letters, you already have free access to The Belly Dance Prescription: Shake your Hips and Depression! – my unconventional guide for increasing your well-being, shaking off depression […]

Celebrating Your Internal Light on Winter Solstice

Congratulations! You made it! You’ve reached the longest night of the year – Winter Solstice.   In a matter of hours, the days will begin to get longer, and little by little, you will see the outer light return. Really and truly, no matter how dark or cold it appears, the days will begin lengthening. […]

Finding Creative Solutions – How To Turn A Disability Into An Asset (Part One)

True confession: I have a challenge with time.  I’m pretty sure I was born without the wiring in my brain that allows people to gracefully keep track of it.  This particular form of organization utterly baffles me, and is guaranteed to be the major point of contention in any quarrel with my husband, who seems […]

What Not To Say: A Tip For Husbands

For every man who wants to keep their relationship with their significant other during the holiday: A Public Service Announcement. Yes, I’m serious. For today’s tale from the sofa (counseling sofa, that is), I’m sharing a tale of gift giving gone wrong. Sometime you don’t need coaching on the perfect words TO say, it’s altogether […]

Twice-Exceptionality: How to Ensure You Never Reach Your Potential

Twice-exceptionality is a dubious distinction that runs through at least four generations of my family.  I promise you it sounds cooler than it is. A person who is both measurably gifted AND who has one (or more) physical, emotional, sensory, behavioral or learning disabilities is “2E”  – exceptional in two different areas.  It’s rather like encompassing both ends of […]

Harmonizing Science and Mystical Phenomena

I was thrilled to ask this alchemical question of Martha Beck on a MommyMuse interview:  How can somebody who has been extremely skeptical about religion and superstition, who believes there is a scientific explanation for everything, speak openly about her mystical experiences?  Here is what Martha had to say:

Get Ready to Dissolve: The Power of Personal Metamorphosis

Did you hear my Steering by Starlight interview, Find your Right Life No Matter What with Martha Beck?  If you have, you know we explored the stages involved with finding your right life, the first of which is dissolving. Now you get to learn the magic behind this process!

How I Stopped Hyperventilating and Started Breathing with Grace

How To Calm Anxiety I know, I know. You’ve heard a gazillion times that we need to focus on what we want. The principle of attraction, what we focus on will come about, and like attracts like…yada yada. Makes all the sense in the world when we’re in a reasonably calm place.  For me, the trick […]

Announcing The Heart of Alchemy Academy

Oh Joy!!  Maybe, like me, you have thought there should be a school for adults with a passion for learning real-life transformational tools. A place that doesn’t require joining a specific religion or spiritual tradition. A structure that would safely guide people in exploring, exercising and gathering proven techniques to help create powerful shifts in […]

The Top 10 Things New Dads Need to Know

You Are So Much More Than a Sperm Donor: The Top 10 Things New Dads Need to Know 1. Becoming a good lover takes time. So does becoming a good father. Donating sperm may have been easy, but fatherhood can be a lot more rewarding. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process. 2. Diaper […]

Guest Blogger Pam Ballo on Vaccines: The Next Generation

Ready for a fresh perspective on vaccines every mom can use?  Life-alignment, energy-generating life coach Pam Ballo of is here to help as guest blogger.  Stop by her website and let her know you love this as much as I do! Vaccines: The Next Generation Want to get a room full of new parents […]