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Be Seen and Held in a Space of Love

space of loveExperience the healing of being seen and held in a space of love.

I’ve been making people cry this week.

Not that I WANT to…but it keeps happening.
I share a gem of truth with a beautiful human….and the tears begin to flow.

Honor your healing intuitions

It’s not just with clients, it’s everywhere I go.

Last weekend I met with a group of amazing women.
I received a vision to share with one I’d never met, so I braved up after class and asked if I could speak with her.
It was all good, but sure enough, she began to cry.

A few days earlier, I woke up from a vivid dream with information I KNEW needed to be given to someone I hadn’t actually met.

You have healing intuitions, too (whether you realize it or not), so you can imagine how I felt!

My soul was urging me to contact the new spouse of a teacher I much admire….while my insecurities were trying to talk me out of speaking the truth.
After all, what if this new person thought I was crazy?
Worse yet, what if my mentor was offended and never wanted to work with me again?

divine messenger

I thought I could beg off by virtue of the fact that my morning schedule was absolutely packed.
There was clearly no way I could find the time.

Angels being what they are, my first client was delayed by 20 minutes, affording me exactly the time needed to pen a letter and click send (while holding my breath).

In the end, truth won.

Take courage for your own intuitions, dearheart , by knowing the information landed well.

It was definitely worth the risk, and my muscles are stronger for it.

So now I am setting about sharing truth every time my soul urges.  Which I encourage you to do, too.

And when it makes people cry?

It’s still worth it.

Being seen without judgement while being held in a space of love is profoundly healing. It is one of the most fundamental desires of our essential selves.

be nourished
Nourish your soul

And that is precisely the alchemy I aim to bring to this world.

So tell me, Dear One, do YOU have someone who sees you and loves you and supports your essential work in this world? Someone with whom you feel safe sharing your truth?  Someone you can trust to tell you the truth and hold you in the ways that matter most?

THIS is my heart’s desire. That you may witness your beautiful truth (and it IS beautiful, I swear!) reflected in the eyes and heart of another human being, and feel stronger, clearer and more courageous for it. Tears and all.

If you KNOW you want to be seen and held in a space of love and are interested in working with me, send me an email at I have two spaces available for new coaching clients, and I’m sending a private link to schedule a free no-obligation 25-minute Heart Whispering Session to the first 5 people who reply. (Monday night update: 3 people have already responded, so there are 2 free sessions left.)

I’d love for you to be one of them.

With Love and Alchemy,

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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