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An Authentic Call From My Alchemical Heart To Yours

Luxury sedan driving fast.I was late. I ushered my last client out the door, hopped in my van and flew the mile and a half up our dirt road. I was driving more than a little too fast, weaving between resident “road cows” (compliments of free range cattle country).

My body said “slow down.”

I took my foot off the gas…a little….although not enough to honor my inner wisdom.

I did make it.  I met the bus just in time, didn’t crash into any livestock and I picked up my kids, so it’s all good, right?

This all sounded logical inside my head…and didn’t reassure my heart one iota.

When we arrived home, my inner voice said “go to your sanctuary.”

Macaw Wing FeathersBut the kids needed attention. UPS was coming down the driveway and needed a signature. It was freezing and the fireplaces needed stoking. And there was dinner to prepare. And laundry to do. And wood to stack. And emails to write. And calls to return. And… nauseam.

I tried to drown out the still small voice, but it wouldn’t go away.

Thank the Goddess.

Because we have a pact, my inner voice and I.

My body talks and I listen. Not always right away. This is about progress, not perfection.
But with regularity, I pay attention.

Because the alternative? It sucks worse than taking precious moments out of a busy schedule with multiple demands pulling at me. I’ve had enough experience to know when a cosmic 2 x 4 is being ordered up because I didn’t pay attention to the whisper of a feather.

So I went outside to my sanctuary.

And when I got there, hands freezing, the voice said “STOP.”

Old paper, ink and feather on wooden background
Old paper, ink and feather on wooden background

The message came as clearly as if it were handed to me on a parchment scroll.

“You tended three souls today. Honor this. It’s time for you stop, breathe, balance and give thanks for the process of healing that you each co-created. Nothing else is more important than this.”

Message accepted. I breathed with gratitude, felt the warmth of my expanding heart and put everything else on hold to write to you.

You know exactly what I’m talking about, because your life is just as busy.  Consider this an authentic call from my alchemical heart to yours to slow down and pay attention to what’s most important instead of what’s urgent.  And if you’re willing to share, I’d love to hear about moments when YOU paid attention to your still small voice. Because that, dear reader, is powerful alchemy worth celebrating and encouraging!

With Love,

Your Alchemist,


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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