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15: Aromatherapy Wisdom with Dana Frost

aromatherapyExplore the powerful alchemy of aromatherapy and mine the wisdom of intimate relationships in this conversation with alchemist Dana Frost.  From essential oils to marriage to motherhood, you’re guaranteed to emerge from this podcast with alchemical tools to help you relax, recharge and experience your best possible life!


Dana is a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Nemenehah Native American healer, Certified Transcutaneous Acupuncturist and HeartMath Coach. I am inordinately grateful for Dana’s magic after experiencing the custom blend of essential oils she designed to inspire and support my life. She has a wonderful website and a GIANT toolkit of healing skills, and you can start transforming your life today with this outstanding interview.

  • Discover Dana’s special recipe for alchemizing any situation
  • Learn the amazing capacity of breath awareness to heal your mind and body
  • Explore immediately practical ways you can incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy right away….even without essential oils!
  • Empower yourself with exactly what you need to support yourself during tough transition periods
  • Understand why self condemnation doesn’t work….and absolute acceptance does

You’ll be delighted as Dana Frost shares her secret sauce (you’ll have to listen to find this delicious morsel) and core spiritual principle. This beautifully down to earth alchemist shares the wisdom and magic that have helped her create a life she loves ~ and shows you how you can do the same!

Be sure to pop over to and take advantage of Dana’s free ebook: Top 10 Checklist ~ Daily Vitality & Whole Living, as well as her gift Chasing Desire ~ DIY Simple Strategy Session. You’ll discover abundant resources to inspire and energize every area of your life!

And if you are tempted by the idea of rose essential oil (as I hope you are – it’s my personal lifetime favorite) here is the link promised on our interview for an affordable rose blend.



I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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