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Inviting Aphrodite: The Alchemy Of Growing More Beautiful

growing-more-beautiful-300x225This proven method of inviting Aphrodite by connecting with your inner Goddess is available to you now!

I am delighted to have discovered alchemist Jennifer Robin and her gorgeous (really & truly!) award winning book, Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style.  Her earlier writing, Clothe Your Spirit: Dressing for Self Expression, launched a twenty-five year career as an image consultant, makeup artist and fashion stylist. Recognized for her innovative use of color and design, she is also a gifted visual artist and exhibiting painter. Jennifer combines her consultant’s expertise with her artist’s understanding that an authentic inner life is a deep, rich source of beauty.

Here is the first of the three-part series Jennifer has generously written exclusively for us!

Growing More Beautiful

Looking and feeling beautiful is a wonderful alchemical brew of authenticity, pleasure, passion, perseverance and learning to see. We all long to look great, and the process of getting there can be a rich and rewarding experience. As a career professional in the image industry, I’ve learned that helpful information about color and style not only makes choosing flattering clothes easier, it helps open a pathway to seeing yourself more clearly. The confidence gained from loving and appreciating your unique beauty is the foundation for Growing More Beautiful.

In each of us resides a deep desire to be seen. We long for our beauty to be expressed in such a way that others will glimpse our essence. It is as natural as breathing to want to see the beauty of all your are reflected back at you. The image you carry of yourself comes from within, and is generated by how you feel and think. Only you know when the image in the mirror is reflecting back to you in a satisfying way.

growing-more-beautiful-by-jennifer-robin-300x300Everywhere we turn we are promised secrets of attaining beauty perfection. Growing older and the changes that come with maturing can challenge our notions of beauty and the way we see ourselves. We all want to “get the glow” but the glow isn’t something your “get.” It is something that returns to you, like a promise, or an affirmation that you are living in a way that supports your true essence. Going beyond beauty advice, you can strengthen your inner life, fill it with a creative fire that incinerates the critic and allows you to move beyond belittling yourself and judging others.

The feeling of being beautiful arises when you feel a connection to all those around you and whole of life itself. As you move through life, it is not only possible, but natural, to grow more beautiful.

Next time, we will dive in…to a glorious pool of shimmering color!    ~Jennifer Robin


I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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