Alchemy for Adventurers

“Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

~ Helen Keller

Inspired by true-life adventures at home and abroad, particularly a trio of hiking expeditions in the remote mountains of Argentina, I am now vividly aware that we are all adventurers in life, and that it is our duty to gather the bounty of learnings from each new adventure to press into service for the next.

Every time I’ve emerged from intensely soul-testing experiences, I’ve done so with fierce determination to distill the alchemy that provided safe passage, and offer it with open hands to ease their paths of the next travelers. Now I have the incredible honor of being able to help readers reawaken into lives of greater freedom, aliveness and possibility!

Alchemy for Adventurers provides the building blocks to reliably move beyond fear, doubt and confusion into clarity, confidence and strength – no matter what the sacred journey of life brings.