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Hey BeautiesSunlight-250x167, I’ve missed you!

I’m back from a brief hiatus in which a family member passed away and my husband gained a new hip. Skipping a pic on this one – it’s not pretty – but it is done, and there is a beauty to that.

Along the way, I discovered potent alchemy from some of my favorite women to share with you.

Sandra at Tall Red Poppy is a self-described “late bloomer” who shares Five Surefire Reasons you’re Creatively Blocked Plus How to Fix it :

“I don’t often find myself with creative blocks anymore, and here’s why: after struggling with them for years, I discovered the main culprits behind most of them. You might have your own. They might be different from mine. But for what it’s worth, I’m going to tell you about mine so you can watch out for these yourself…”Read on

New find Jeanette LeBlanc rocks it at {Peace.Love.Free} with Get the Hell out of your Way {and Write}.  Tread carefully unless you’ve got “whiskey hearts and back alley daydreams and souls made of scraps of poetry and moon dust,” like me. One of these days I’m going to get a “whiskey in a teacup” t-shirt…

My roster wouldn’t be complete without the amazing Rachel Yates at The Expat Lifeline  shares Simplifying Expat Life One Baby Step at a Time (Part One)


“If I could harness the creativity of my aversion strategies into solving bigger problems, the global economic crisis would be a distant memory and we would all be enjoying world peace. I am that good.”  Sound familiar? Get solutions here.

What are YOUR favorite posts from the last two weeks?

I’d love to have you pass along your favorite alchemical writers for my list of talented peers to share with the world! If it enriches your life, I’ll bet it’s going to be good for others, too!

I’m a passionate alchemist devoted to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday.

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  • Love this post. So glad to be a part of this wonderful group! Thank you, Christy! Now I’m off to read those other blogs …

    • Sandra! I’m totally delighted to bring your wisdom forward everywhere I can share it! Have an outstanding week 🙂

  • Hey Christy! Lovely post. Sorry to hear you’ve had a difficult time recently. Since you asked us to share pieces with you, I read this by Alison Nappi on Rebelle Society this morning and it resonated with me: . It’s a strong piece and not always easy reading, but thought you might like it. Warm wishes for now

  • Caroline, you know my heart – strong and authentic is what’s worth living, doing, reading, writing, sharing. Thank you for pointing me to this powerful piece.


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